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So, I saw the Wonder Woman movie with cjlasky today. It exceeded expectations.

Granted my expectations after trying to read Whedon's stab at it, were fairly low.
But, this surprised me. My only quibble, is well, the same quibble I have regarding all Zack Snyder films...and that's basically the man has problems with pacing. Patty Jenkins was the director and quite good, but it felt like a Snyder film, pacing issues and focus on cinematic paintings. Lots of pausing for the beautiful F/X painting. Snyder is a great visual artist, and excellent at F/X paintings...but, his pacing can slow down a film.

That said, I still love the movie. It did the opposite of what Whedon's script did -- it put us in Diana's point of view from the beginning. Just like Steve Rodgers, Clark Kent, et al, we got to be in Diana's perspective throughout. Not Steve Trevors. The movie also much like Captain America has a framing device -- she is in present day, and flashes back on her past. The story is told in flashback. And it starts when she was a child on the Amazon island, and who she is.

It's not campy. Yes, there is Greek mythology, but they treat it respectfully, and Ares, the villain..was a pleasant surprise. Not at all what I expected. Completely unpredictable, I had no idea where they were headed with it.

In many respects it is an anti-war film, and it ...slyly references what is happening politically at the moment. Uplifting and with a strong message about war and love.

Gail Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman, building on her nuanced performance in Batman vs. Superman. And the other actors, Chris Pine, David Thewlis, and Robin Wright are excellent as well.

Highly recommended. Best DC film I've seen since...Dark Knight Rises. Except this was a bit more up-lifting.

Only downside, besides the pacing here and there, was the woman next to me, for some odd reason, felt the need to keep checking her cell phone every 20 minutes. I finally nudged her and said in a half-whisper, please stop doing that, it's irritating.

People? You cannot use your cellphones in a darkened theater without people noticing. It's like turning on a flashlight. Turn the frigging things off. Some places will fine you or confiscate it. They do in rural and suburban movie theaters. I think they are afraid to do it in the city.

I haven't finished reading the Wonder Woman script by Whedon yet, but so far, very happy they passed on it, and waited to get this one made. Actually I don't think I'll change my mind regarding that.


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