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I presume that by kids you mean 'teens.' There hasn't been any evening programming aimed at children on general audience channels since the government decided it would be a terrific idea for local broadcast stations to come up with their own programming from 6:30 to 7:00 (7:30 to 8:00 Eastern time) instead of being forced to carry network programming. Before that, the slot was mandated by the government to have children friendly programming, and often the slot immediately after would have something older kids could keep watching without their parents being worried. The local programming mandate threw all that out the window.

So what's the difference between shows aimed at teens and those aimed at adults? Less and less these days, but... Shows aimed at teens (many of which also encourage adult viewers) have a very unique set up. First of all in shows for teens there are very few adults around. (Very different from adult shows or even 'family' shows!) Mostly the adults are absent or largely ineffectual. You might have someone like Giles tossing out a pearl of wisdom now and then, but the pretend-teens largely are on their own making up their own rules. It's a teen dream world, with the only problems being ones, that teens consider adult. The practical problems real teens have are virtually non-existent. Rarely does someone else's schedule interfere with a teen doing anything, and when it does happen, it's a huge deal. Nobody has any transportation problems. There are always plenty of cars to get teens wherever, and they are always magically full of gas. There are authorities like the police out there in the show, but rarely does anyone in authority show up or say 'you can't do that.' Teen shows live in their own little world where everything mostly runs by adult-like rules, which can be broken mostly without consequence if necessary. Indeed everyone lives by adult rules except for weekend nights which by common consent should get 'crazy' and can get dangerous, if rival teens are met. You can tell Buffy matured away from a teen show, because several of the gang had to go out and get jobs.

The adult show counter-part to the never-never land of teens is having the central characters be very rich so they never have to earn money, just run around and solve crimes, do the marry-get-divorced cycle, travel the world without a care, etc. In adult shows all this is admired. In teen shows, the same kind of wealth is despised.

I would guess you can come up with more 'teen' show cliches if you think about it.

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