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shadowkat ([personal profile] shadowkat) wrote 2017-06-05 04:38 pm (UTC)

Well, I was actually thinking of "Doctor Who" which the Brits keep telling me is a kid's show, but I expanded on it to include other shows that were somewhat similar in concept.

Buffy was a show marketed to tween girls. ("Tween" means between kid and teenager or approximately 13-5. Which is interesting since my brother thinks that's too young to watch Buffy.)Supernatural is equally marketed to tween boys, 12-16 and teen boys, 16-20. (Although it has two adults, and no teens or kids in the cast). CW actually markets most of it's content, with a few key exceptions which aren't doing that well (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) to a teen market.

But you are, generally speaking, right...with the exception of Riverdale, where the adults do matter, most of these teens seem to live in a fantasy verse where they do whatever they want.

Also there are kid's shows, they just aren't on the broadcast networks. You have to have cable for them -- Nickleodean, TV Land, Cartoon Network...Disney Junior, Freeform (although that's mostly teen now).

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