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Re: Still Star-Crossed

Tybalt was her cousin, not her brother
That is as Shakespeare has it, actually. But if there was no brother in the family a first cousin could well mean as much to Juliet emotionally.

And they make a point of how children are pretty much commodities, to be traded for land, title, advancement. Which is interesting...and fits that time period. Marriages are arranged.
Are they trying for an accurate period setting or is it a generic fantasy middle-ages? Because if they are trying to make the setting period accurate then I would have big issues with the colour-blind casting. I hate that, I think it's racist. Also most TV shows are dreadful at every aspect of historical accuracy so the bugs become too irritating very quickly. I actually prefer fantasy pasts like in Merlin. Then they can tell all the stories they want, cast them as they please, and still include all their historical tropes of choice without causing annoyance.

The romance genre is obsessed with class, often to the exception of all else.
Another genre I'm not familiar with. But a class focus makes sense.

I think because often class and gender politics go hand in hand?
Well they obviously don't have to, but maybe they often do if class is explored through a (heterosexual) romance lens, since by definition to do that you will have a male and female from different classes.

Sci-fi also will delve into class more, over here.
I really haven't noticed that, and I watch a fair bit of sci-fi.

Mainly because class is different here -- it's based on "wealth" and how it was obtained....Europe looks at it more from an aristocracy perspective, which we don't quite understand over here.
Years ago I described a theoretical show in which Buffy was set in the Uk and how the class differences between the characters would mean the kids had never met one another. This prompted a very interesting discussion where most of the Americans agreed with one another that their class system was very different to our own. However, one woman spoke to me in PM, explaining that she came from the US upper class and that the system I was describing was in fact very similar to her own experience of class - just that most Americans of lower classes were oblivious to this fact. Anecdotal and I have long since lost touch with her, but from other friendships I do get the general impression that the higher up the system you go, the closer it all becomes to our class system, with inherited culture being as important as inherited wealth. So that someone of the upper class culture will remain part of that culture even a couple of generations after the wealth has been lost. That is close to aristocracy.

In Still Star-Crossed-- the class distinction is "old wealth/entitled wealth" vs. "new wealth/self-made", which is an American thing.
Yes, it would be very unusual to examine class in those terms over here. Class tensions are done very crudely on the whole, with either a simplistic upper/middle/lower tension scenario, or a battle between those upper-class people who believe in noblesse oblige and those who are snobs. That is why I find the American explorations of class far more satisfying and nuanced on the whole. It's almost as if class is so all pervasive in our society we can't see the wood for the trees.

Part of the reason for the racial diversity/colorblind casting is the show-runner/executive producer - who is Shondra Rhimes. (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder) who is among the few female African-American show-runners on a major broadcast channel.

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