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I'd classify 'tweens' as being a little younger, 11-13, in other words junior high/middle school aged. So I'd agree more with your brother that tweens are a little too young for Buffy.

But that doesn't mean tweens wouldn't love Buffy. What kid that age doesn't look up to slightly older kids and want to take part in things they like?

The shows I've seen that are particularly for tweens, have all the problems tweens have. Tweens can't decide whether they are more children or more grown up and given the day of the week want to be treated like both. Shows for tweens can't decide if they should have stories and action for the goofiest of children's tastes or for more sedate teens. (Books for tweens are somewhat different in character and seem to handle this more eligantly.) Shows for tweens tend to be very preachy, the important values being those from a tween's point of view, and they tend to drift off into silliness as a substitute for comedy. And yes, tween shows are often set in high school or at least with high school age roles. And there are always authority figures lurking somewhere in the background to sort out the worst messes and let the characters know the worst disasters have turned out all right in the end. (Early Harry Potter books, I'm looking at you!) That certainly isn't the case with Buffy, which usually teaches life is real and you need to be able to deal with it yourself.

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