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Re: Still Star-Crossed

Are they trying for an accurate period setting or is it a generic fantasy middle-ages?

More Renaissance or Shakespeare, which is post-Middle Ages. I don't know if there are fantasy elements...haven't seen any so far. The racial bit may not matter too much because Italy, and the Moorish influence. But I agree, that if it is meant to be historically accurate, it doesn't work. But my take on this is it is meant to be more like "Reign" and not historically accurate and more fantastical. (It's adapted from a series of popular YA novels, apparently.)

However, one woman spoke to me in PM, explaining that she came from the US upper class and that the system I was describing was in fact very similar to her own experience of class - just that most Americans of lower classes were oblivious to this fact.

She's right. How to explain?

Our system is :

  1. Inherited or old wealth. (These are the people who may have even immigrated to the US with wealth, they were titled and wealthy in the UK or Europe. And always had it. Or they were from the merchant class, and just below the aristocracy in England -- more likely the merchant class. George Washington, the Adams, Thomas Jefferson, were all either second sons of the titled aristocracy or part of the merchant upper class.)

People with inherited wealth include the Rockerfellers, Vanderbuilts, the Hiltons, etc. For an American novel about the clash between inherited and new wealth - try F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. He wrote about it a lot.

  1. New Wealth - 2nd, 3rd generation, that is also inherited.

Donald Trump. His father or grandfather came from middle class or working class and worked his way up. Trump inherited the riches, but he's new wealth. Unlike George W. Bush who is old wealth.

  1. New wealth - 1st generation

This would be Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Clintons for the most part, Bloomberg, Turner, many movie stars, Obamas, Alexander Hamilton. These people became millionaires or billionaires, but had to earn it. It was not inherited. Most of these guys came up from the middle class or lower middle class. They had poor childhoods in some cases and went to school on scholarship.

Beneath this group are the lottery winners or people who just accidentally come into money through unexpected inheritance -- maybe in the millions not billions.

Of course then there's a hierarchy based on how much you have, bankruptcies, etc.

  1. Upper middle class - most American television serials deal with the upper middle class to middle. These people work hard, and are often the CEO's or management of companies, etc. Some movie stars.

Income? Six figure to seven figure salaries

  1. Middle Class - people like myself, which is up to six figure salaries, depending on where you live. Six figures in NYC = Middle Class.

  2. Lower Middle Class - below $50,000 a year in NYC.

  3. Working Class

  4. Working poor

  5. Homeless/poor

In the US - 99% of the population falls between 9-5. 1% is between 4-1.

The taxes are mostly on 4-7, with 1-3 barely paying much at all due to loopholes in the tax code. Trump is adding more.

Our royalty is basically movie stars, and 1-2. The old wealth inherited and the second to third generation inherited.

There's a lot of anger in my country right now -- directed towards 1-3 and possibly 4.

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