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Re: Still Star-Crossed

Many thanks for this!

(Your numbering went weird btw, but I was able to follow.)

Okay, so your system is based far more around actual wealth than ours. What seems to matter is how much money you have and where that money came from.

Ours class system is more cultural. Class here is a combination of inheritance and education, so money is nice and useful to have but doesn't really affect your class. Maybe more of a cast system than a class system. I have a friend who earns well over 20 times what I do, but we both know I am from a higher class than her and that will be true for the rest of our lives. It takes several generations to move up or down a class. My class doesn't help me pay the bills, but it can help me get a better table in a restaurant. Then she pays the bill ;)

Except at the very top the US obviously does have cast-like cultural distinctions, because they are going to different schools and don't mix much. That was clearly the level my correspondent was talking about.

I also wonder if there might be cast elements at the bottom? Where everyone is poor the fine distinctions of where you came from and what your work is can become terribly important as relative status symbols. It may only be in the melting pot of the middle that it is only wealth that counts, but since the middle is culturally dominant that is what sets the tone.

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