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Re: Still Star-Crossed

A lot of it comes from having been sent away to board at a young age, although people who were only day pupils have it as well because it can be picked up from your peers.

I noticed that. The friends who spent time away at boarding schools or in preparatory schools had a completely different view of college than the one's that had gone to public school. Also a vastly different education in some cases...many had read books or done things others hadn't.

Not sure what it is like in the UK? But not all public schools are created equal here. Some are much better than others, and where you go is defined by where you live.

My mother had a bit of a prejudice against private schools (she'd been a speech therapist and done the school circuit in Chicago), and you had to test well to get in. (My brother and I tested horribly on those computerized tests -- we were both dyslexic.) The public schools in Chester County, Pennsylvania -- which is more rural (big back yards, our backyard had almost a forest, creeks, a forest in front, and lower to middle class, basically horse country, had horrific public schools. The worst in the country -- they were ranked at the bottom. We moved to Johnson County, Kansas when I was in the 5th grade -- and Johnson County has the top schools in the country and is suburban, less rural, lower to upper middle to wealthy.

The difference in education was night and day. I went from studying the American Revolutionary War and Civil War for the 15th time to studying the Ancient Greeks, Hebrews and Egypt. I went from doing rudimentary math to algebra. We went from science being a field trip on how to make cider and donuts, to experiments.

The library was also different -- I went from reading Nancy Drew to reading Tolkien and CS Lewis.

So location has a lot to do with it. More rural areas in the US don't have the educational advantages that more suburban and urban areas often do. However, if you ever see The Wire or Waiting for Superman - the public schools in the urban areas are a mixed bag -- and many go to private, safer and a better education.

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