Jun. 1st, 2017

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1. Started reading Whedon's Wonder Woman Script last night and...bwa- ha-ha-ha.. And not in a good way or rather I don't think its intentional. I can see why he had writer's block. He no idea what he was doing.

In fact I wondered for a moment or two there if I had the right script. It has Silver Pictures as a watermark, and starts with Steve Trevor going down in plane over a mysterious island. A "girl" pulls the plane door open, she's insanely beautiful, in an elemental way, and her shift that she is wearing is from another era, we'll call it Greek.
[And I'm getting flashbacks of the 1970s Wonder Woman television movie and series starring Lynda Carter.]

It is funny though. But weirdly amateurish so far, not at all what I was expecting.

Not that far into it. Steve's gotten out of the plane, been tied up, and taken prisoner by Diana and her companions.

So how's the movie? I'd like to see it. Maybe this weekend or next.

Wonder Woman admittedly has an odd history. The character and story was originated by William Moulton Marston a psychologist and feminist who...well created her as a sort of dominatrix, hence the lasso and the outfit. She first appeared in comics in 1941. Like Superman and Captain America, she first appeared in the comics during WWII, literally during WWII, not years later in WWII stories.

2. Lucifer Season Finale.

I can't believe they killed the baby grand piano. I liked that piano. And he'd just gotten it tuned and everything!

Other than that, it was a kick-ass season finale with a cliff-hanger that surprised me. I did not see that coming. I like Lucifer in part because it's unpredictable. Most of these types of series are predictable...this is one isn't. And they make fun of Christian mythos. And I love the characters.

Damn, I'm going to miss this show. After that cliff-hanger, I don't want to wait for the fall. I rewound it twice. Debating deleting it from DVR, because I actually have rewatched segments of it before. Lucifer has great season finales.

spoilers )

Overall? Great finale. No quibbles. I even found the mystery of the week entertaining, although lately it's been firmly in the background. This week it was sort of surprising, because it was firmly in the background with the focus more on Lucifer and his dysfunctional family.


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