Jun. 10th, 2017

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Finally finished watching The Crown Season 1, which is about Queen Elizabeth II's reign from her marriage, her coronation, through her sister, Princess' Margaret's brief and somewhat tragic broken engagement to Captain Townsend.

The mini-series by Stephen Daldry is extremely good. I have no idea how accurate it is to the actual events.

It is however an interesting artistic portrait of Britain and The Crown during this time period -- there's an episode that sort of describes the intent of the series, through an analogy of sorts. Which I didn't pick up on until I began to write this review.
Spoilers, but it's a historical, so you already know them )
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In an attempt to understand what is happening in Great Britain, I went back to read the political posts on ATPO_TCH journal and they are insightful and detailed. He's a little more...logical, and clear than some others.

He also breaks down where the votes fell, what's happening, and how it will affect Brexit.


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