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Dept of, Blaming the Internet for A Phenomenon we have seen before: perchance I am being unduly cynical, but this An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. It broke me strikes me as Yet Another of those Born-Again Bloke pieces - okay, it's perhaps more often that FATHERHOOD has given them a new perspective, but I think the 'I wos a WORKAHOLIC and it was Bad for Me' is another trope in the same area.

Not to mention the My Experience is Universal, No? aspect.

Dept of, what do you mean, we? Get off the treadmill: the art of living well in the age of plenty. A) demonstrates no knowledge of the long tradition of teaching people who are not actually dying in ditches of the plague, etc, how to live better B) I have little sympathy for someone who gets his woezery on by looking at the other people who are actually working out in the gym - no, really, if you're working out, why should you be looking happy? these people are making physical efforts, why should they *SMILE DARLIN*? C) gross overgeneralisation much?

Dept of, Is this not a recurrent theme in the lives of writers and could be asked of many: How can someone who writes so perceptively about love make so many mistakes in their own life? (And do we not notice that her alleged 'trophy-lovers' are blokes who pretty much seem to have been up for anybody and put themselves about a lot?) But if true, am glad to hear that Howard's works are more likely to be available than Amis's.

Dept of, the long tradition of the British female Gothic: The author of The Railway Children and Five Children and It was familiar with the darker aspects of life - though, in spite of that header, the article does point out the distinctly uncosy elements in her children's fiction - precariousness is a constant theme whether it is father in chokey for - surely it was false accusation of embezzlement, not spying? - or general sense of abyss yawning - why The Treasure-Seekers treasure-sought, no?

And, extremely chuffed to see the very positive and exceeding copious coverage Pride of Place has latterly been getting.

Which celebrities do it right?

Sep. 24th, 2016 12:16 pm
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1) I'm not on Facebook or most social media accounts, but I do have a read-only Twitter account and I follow (goes to check) 9 accounts, 7 of which are celebrity accounts. I went to update it today to add Joss' new account and started pondering what I really want out of a celebrity twitter. Read more... )

2) Although I'm not as prone to motion sickness these days, I was extremely prone to it as a kid. Traveling with me was not fun. I found it interesting to discover that 70% of that may be genetic. Read more... )

3) In a recent grocery store run I saw that Halloween costumes are out. Interestingly the boys had superheroes from Marvel whereas' the girls were from DC (Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl). I was just glad they had any and not just princess costumes. Read more... )

What I was not expecting to find on that rack was this:

In case you can't read it, what they have included is 1 Serape, 1 straw hat. and 1 large black moustache. Although there are 2 adults in the picture the sizes looked like they were for teens.

Given the protests that have gone on at college campuses (and we're a college town) about ethnically themed parties you wouldn't think a store's buyer would be stupid enough to include something like this for Halloween. But clearly I would be wrong.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Sep. 24th, 2016 03:28 am
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Grace Notes , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] forsaken2003.

Mantids are People Too , Willow/Buffy/Xander/Andrew by [personal profile] st_salieri.

"Stranger Things/BtVS" mashup

Hypable podcast talks A New Man & Expecting.

Bufferingthevampireslayer podcast talks Harvest.

Soundcloud podcast talks The Dark Age .
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Rebcake and Shapinglight do Stonehenge! Da da da DA da da. STONEHENGE!

Photo below the cut... )
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So, today we made an early start in order to catch the first train Edinburgh-York on which our tickets would be valid.

Delayed... Delayed... Delayed...

So we decided that we would get the next one -

And while we were standing on the other platform waiting, an announcement that first train had been cancelled and passengers should get the next one.

And, due to the total lack of information on which part of the platform the train would arrive at, it was clear when it finally came in (for lo, gentle readers, it too was delayed) that we would be most unlikely to get seats.

So we aimed for the next one -

And by this time I was coming to the realisation that Edinburgh Waverley approximates to my dream-railway-station of tension and anxiety, with lots of platforms in an entirely random arrangement and on different levels, trains coming in at another part of the platform, lots of rushing about, etc: though at least NOT the platform like an island between lines requiring crossing on foot...

And there were some concerns about whether we would get a seat on that next one - partner had a cold and was in some concern about having to stand all the way to York -

So we got the one after that, and we did get seats.

Seats in the carriage where there was no power going to the sockets, chiz. Also, the Food Bar was closed for staffing reasons, though they were still running a trolley service.

At York, it took us some time to locate the Left Luggage Office, but we did so eventually, and then went to the Art Gallery and the Minister, and by then we felt it was time to head for the train home.

On time. Got seats, in the quiet carriage, no less.

But: the power seemed to be working, but the plug at our seat was bunged up somehow so that one could not, actually, plug a plug into the socket.

However, home agen nao.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Sep. 23rd, 2016 03:40 am
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Stamp of Possession , William/Angelus by [profile] xspike4evax.

Chapter Sixty One of Truth Denied by [profile] perverted_pages.

RollingStone listed BtVS as No. 38 in their "100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time". "Sarah Michelle Gellar created a supernatural feminist avenger in Joss Whedon's saga of Buffy, the California girl who finds herself by kicking vampire ass. On Buffy, surviving adolescence and fighting off the undead forces of evil turn out to be the same thing. And the musical episode – "Once More, With Feeling" – is a classic in itself".

The AVClub offers "10 episodes of Angel that show how it was more than Buffy redux".
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The statue of John Knox in the courtyard of the Divinity School has one arm raised and looks as if he is about to give someone (?Calvin) a high-five.

I may not have looked at the Naomi Mitchison papers, but the Mitchison fangirl in me was well chuffed to see a really great portrait of her in later life in the National Portrait Gallery (no postcard, chiz), and that she merits an engraved flagstone in Makars' Court image under cut )

And so does Dorothy Dunnett )

(But did not spot one for Lewis Grassic Gibbon.)

In the Wohl Museum of Pathology at Surgeon's Hall, there is the skeleton of a monkey's foot pickled in spirits and behind glass: we consider that this is the safest place for a Monkey's Paw and it should stay there.

Opportunity misst in their display about Edinburgh and medical women: wot no James Barry?

The more sceptical approach to the tale of Greyfriars Bobby was not in evidence...

And, more Monet haystacks in the National Gallery! - I am quite pursued around by them.

(no subject)

Sep. 22nd, 2016 03:50 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] jenett, [personal profile] matociquala, and [personal profile] nanila!

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Sep. 22nd, 2016 02:54 am
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[community profile] buffyversetop5 will be holding our Classic Recs from October 26 - November 1. Get those lists ready.

Tinyfences podcast talks Superstar.

Joss puts out a PSA for Hillary Clinton.

Saving the Day

Sep. 21st, 2016 03:18 pm
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1) So that's what Joss has been working on lately (though I'm also curious about the new screenplay he mentioned, as it's been over a year since he finished with Ultron and he's usually a fast worker).

For those who haven't read the Hollywood Reporter or BuzzFeed articles, he has founded his own SuperPAC and recruited a bunch of actors (familiar faces included) to do a series of 25 comedy videos trying to get people registered to vote and, clearly, not for Trump. There's also a behind the scenes video at the end of the HR article. (And this is the project's YouTube page)

Kind of interesting because I'm sure I read RDJ is a Republican but he'd hardly be the first deciding to vote for Hillary this year. Then again Mark Ruffalo was a major Bernie supporter, and he's in there too. My favorite bits of the video were the ones they gave Tom Lenk :D

2) Speaking of the Avengers cast, I rewatched Civil War now that it's out on DVD and something I hope won't happen is Read more... )

3) A study focuses on the benefits of shared media use for close relationships. "[S]haring media with a partner can expand couples’ shared social identity by allowing them to integrate social connections with media characters and narratives into their social worlds."

4) A few months old, but interesting report of one gaming company's efforts to instill more civil behavior in players. It would be nice to a program like that for social media.

5) I got the flu shot today, for the first time, and it is definitely not agreeing with me. I just want to go to bed or to sleep.

Wednesday is north of the Border

Sep. 21st, 2016 04:54 pm
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What I read

Kij Johnson, The Dream Quest of Vellitt Boe (2016): v good, and I thought one of those books that really does pay off in the denouement, and middle-aged female scholar protag - but perhaps admiration rather than love?

I also (long train journey) finished the thesis on early C20th woman middlebrow writer, and it's probably not fair to say, but I wanted more about her and perhaps fewer detailed plot summaries of the works, because it was an EngLit thesis, and I am all about the rediscovery and renewed appreciation of writers who have somewhat fallen off the radar, and at least it didn't do that really annoying thing that the bio of Pamela Hansford Johnson did, which was to be coyly 'no spoiler' about how her novels denoued.

On the go

Hanya Yanagihara, The People in the Trees (2013) - which I am a substantial way through, but didn't want to haul a partly-read trade paperback away with me. Very well-written, but requires the reader to spend a lot of time inside the mind of a fairly noxious medical scientist. (Also, think is based on true story of an anthropologist who studied New Guinea? - cannot recall exact details).

Sharon Lee and Steven Miller, Trade Secret (2013), which suffers from being the sequel to another of their books I read sufficiently long ago that I recall very little about it, and tangential to the main sequence of their Liaden Universe books. Feeling somewhat meh about it at the moment.

Up next

Not sure.

(no subject)

Sep. 21st, 2016 04:09 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] italiceyeball!

Glad I didn't make a special trip

Sep. 20th, 2016 01:17 pm
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When partner proposed a brief trip to Northern Capital (which we visited some 30 years ago - does anyone else remember the phenomenon of Persil ticket vouchers? - this was the trip memorable for the return on a Sunday of engineering works that involved a diversion via Carlisle, and the food service only joined at ?Newcastle?) I said, well, there is a smallish group of papers in the National Library that may be pertinent to this biographical thing I am doing, so if we are there I could spend a morning or so looking at it.

Which I have just done, and feel that the catalogue description was a bit minimalist to the point of being misleading, but I have got a few things out of it, though not particularly on the subject I was specifically looking for, chiz.

And I have restrained myself from looking instead/as well at the extremely copious papers of Naomi Mitchison which the library also holds, in order to do touristic things with partner.

In Dept of WTF, on my way back to hotel to drop off my laptop, passed the National Gallery, outside which a bagpiper was piping -

The Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld, and, could it be, The Mexican Hat-Dance? (*dour Calvinistickal glare*)

(no subject)

Sep. 20th, 2016 08:21 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] sharpiefan!

This just in

Sep. 19th, 2016 10:05 pm
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Briefly, as I am travelling:

Emmys: I'm thrilled Tatiana Maslany has finally won. She deserves this. I mean, I was rooting for one of the actresses on this particular occasion, but Tatiana Maslany does so amazing things on this show and in all these roles that she can win any time and I'm satisfied.

Otoh "Battle of the Bastards" winning best written episode over ANY episode of The Americans, season 4, is just baffling. (Yes, Sansa's scene at the end is great, and the overall direction is good, but the script otherwise? Ah well. Spectacle over character drama, I suppose.)

Politics: dire dire dire dire everywhere, including my own country. For some reason, the Washington Post coming up with a journalistic first of the most cynical type is my current personal least favourite, though. They published Snowden's original revelations together with the New York Times and won another Pulitzer for it, and now they're asking for him not to be pardoned but to go to prison. Somewhere, Nixon is cackling. And Ben Bradlee is turning in his grave.

Trying to cheer myself up: since it's "talk like a pirate" day, I give you Black Sails' version of Anne Bonny, in the s2 finale:

I can't be your wife, Jack. But you and I are gonna be partners till they put us in the fucking ground. "

(The Anne and Jack relationship: forever great.)

Also, going back a bit in (my) fannish time, here's the pirate king herself, Elizabeth Swann (sidenote: why I've never been tempted to watch any Pirates of the Caribbean movies post the third one - for me, that saga was Elizabeth's story, and the trilogy told it, completely), rallying a fleet: Hoist the Colours!

No, really?

Sep. 19th, 2016 05:48 pm
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But for most of us adults, the adolescent years occupy a privileged place in our memories.

These are the strange rites of some mysterious tribe, perhaps?

Article does admit that some people don't regard a few years in adolescence as the defining epoch of their life.

And even if this does occur, might it not diminish over time?

It's a sad, sad thing if all of a life is harking back to those years when one was still developing, still far from mature, whether the defining thing was failure or success.


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