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1. There's an horror/sci-fi novel out there entitled Amish Vampires in Space and according to smartbitches its not that bad and not a parody.

The plot seems to be about a transport crew that picks up a cryogenically frozen scientist and her wrecked lab along with a bunch of Amish colonists, out in the reaches of space. One of the crew members fiddles about in the scientist's lab and gets bitten by something -- which turns him into a vampire. He feeds on the livestock and most of the passengers and crew, until before you know it -- you have Amish Vampires in Space.


2. I couldn't think any more or focus on anything or listen to anyone by the end of the work day. Felt a bit like I'd been hit by a Mac Truck. So nixed going to the Psychology Lecture - entitled Mad World. (I honestly didn't care, I wanted to go home and be a vegetable.)

Tried to write some during downtime, but brain fog made it difficult. Haven't been sleeping well, which may be part of it. Don't know.

3. Current state of politics is confusing and headache inducing, so I've been ignoring it for the most part.

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3. Riverdale

Well, the season finale surprised me. The resolution of the Jason Blossom mystery didn't, I sort of figured out who killed him some time ago. Although they did plant a few clever red-herrings.

The show is sort of a hybrid of various genres, noir, mystery, teen soap, and a bit of the Surreal Twin Peaks/Graphic novel. The parents or adults are the villains in the piece.
With their kids navigating the stormy waters of their secrets.

I'm sticking with it. Rather enjoyed it. Doesn't require that much attention, I like the characters, and find their subversion of the bad trope interesting. Jughead is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but he's wickedly bright, not strong or tough at all, and a bit of a nerd, who loves to sit in a corner and write. A sensitive soul. And slight of build. Betty Cooper is the quintessential good girl next door, except she has a dark side, and her own secrets.

None of the kids look like kids of course. They all look like they are in their 20s. I think Stranger Things might be the only television series I've seen that employs actual teens.

4.) I have written 279 pages and 147,700 words on my novel to date. Which could prove problematic when I decide to publish it. If I publish it. At this rate, it may well clock in at a little over 350 or 400 pages and 199,000 words or thereabouts. I tend to write books about that length.

I am not a short story writer. And, while I dabbled with fanfic, I find it difficult to write.

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I'm losing track of television shows.

* Anyone out there seen the new sit-com "You, Me and The Apocalypse" ? It's apparently a Brit-American joint production which aired first in Britain. So I'm guessing a lot of people may have caught it? Worth checking out? Premiered tonight and I sort of forgot about it.

You need a rollerdex or a calendar to keep track. I had 62 hours of television shows recorded on DVR, I deleted five hours (Shades of Blue) considering deleting Shannara Chronicles and Shadowhunters. Which begs another question - were any of those worth watching? Haven't tried the new X-Files or Lucifier yet. I forgot about X-Files - so not taped. Lucifier is taped.

I'm tempted to do a poll.

Also, either my allergies are acting up due to the dry heat, mold, and dust build up, or I'm getting a cold. Been sneezing a lot lately. And can't breath. Have a humidifier, which is sort of helping. And I bought some Allegra, which you can apparently take with Zyrtec.

Better not be a cold. Although at least colds end. Allergies just hang around until the thing you are allergic to either dies or goes away.

Fanfic...was pondering this today. I've only read Buffy, Angel, Farscape, BSG, and Doctor Who fanfic. Trying to think...

Okay, there was a House fanfic that someone on my flist wrote, which I read, mainly because they wrote it.

I don't as a general rule tend to read fanfic based on novel series -- unless the writer is dead. I've read two - one in the Dragon-rider series (it didn't work for me) and one in the Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan series - (it also did not work for me). The difference between fanfic based on a television or movie universe and fanfic based on a novel universe - is if from television it's for different mediums. (The original is filmed/televised, while the fanfic is written). Or from a former copyright specialist perspective, they aren't really infringement, more an illegal derivative. If anything, they just help sell the original work. They don't compete with it in any way, not unless the original creators suddenly feel like writing novels - which doesn't quite work for television serials - too collaborative a process. (ie. There's about 150 original creators - the makeup artist, the sound editor, the writers, the actors, the musicians, the costume designer, the F/X specialist, the set designer, the lighting designer, the camera crew, the cinematographer, the goes on.) While with a novel - you have just one creator, sometimes you might have a team, but usually it's just one person. And they are making their living selling books and stories based on the world and characters they created. If someone writes and publishes to the internet stories based on their world and characters for free or money, they are in direct competition with that creation and more or less piggy-backing or using the writers ideas to write their own stuff.

It's not the same thing as taking someone else's ideas and re-interpreting or adapting them to a new medium. Creating a derivative work - so to speak. That's more playful, and from my perspective permissible. But fanfic based on works like Harry Potter, Anne McCaffrey's series (although she's dead now, so maybe not), LoTR (also long dead), Chronicles of Narnia (ditto), Anne Rice's Vampire novels...feels a little skeevy. I can see why Ursula Le Quinn, McCaffrey (when alive), Anne Rice, and various other writers denounced it. It's not the same thing as writing a Doctor Who fanfic, or a Buffy fanfic. Nor is it the same as writing a Shakespeare fanfic. Again different medium.

Fanfic based on works of dead writers, long in the public domain, I have no difficulty with either. (Note LOTR and DragonRiders aren't in public domain. They are still owned by the families or estate.
Same is true I think with Gone with the Wind.)

But something about fanfic based on a novel, and to be clear, I mean written fanfic in the same medium, bugs the copyright attorney in me. Chaffs. (Although to be fair, I find the copyright law stance on the topic confusing and contradictory in the extreme. There's a reason, I ran away from copyright law. It's a quagmire. The rules change daily. Each country has its own. Some countries ignore it completely (*cough*China*cough*) while others only care about their own or close nieghbor's copyright laws (*cough*Germany*cough* -- although that may changed). )

Personally and for the most part, I tend to think fanfic is harmless. If anything, it just keeps your story alive. Hello, free advertising. I'd be flattered if people wrote fanfic using characters or a story that I wrote. But, then again, would I if it competed with my own work? If fans preferred it to my story? If it prevented me from continuing my own story in my own way? Or prevented me from getting paid for it?

Of course there is the view...that once your work is out there, you've no control over what happens to it. It is in essence no longer really yours. Sort of like having a kid graduate from college and get their first job. You see them occasionally, hear how they are doing, but that's it.

Regarding writing fanfic? Oh, I've dabbled. What writer whose ever been a die-hard fan, hasn't? (You may actually be able to find the dabbling in my livejournal -- if you look hard enough. If so, let me know, because I've lost track of the links.) But I'm not comfortable enough to do more than that...mainly because, it's someone else's sandbox that I'm playing in. And I feel like I'm this big hairy giant stomping about, Godzilla like, kicking up dirt and sand, trampling the natives. If I were to do their story justice, I'd have to be able to speak in their voice, see it from their perspective...or at the very least be able to see it from the majority of their fans perspective...and again, Godzilla trampling through town, stirring up a ruckus. OR worse, I lose myself, and my own distinctive voice in the process?

I'd rather be inspired by their work - I think. Blend it into my own. Which to a degree was what I did with Doing Time on Planet Earth - I was inspired by various television shows and books that I'd been watching at the time, and blended them into my work, creating something new. Felt a bit less like Godzilla that way.

That's not to say, however it may sound, that I don't appreciate what others do with fanfic. There some very good fanfic writers on my flist -- and I've enjoyed their fic. They've managed to play in the sandbox.

I has a lot to do with well, how you personally think? It's like visiting someone else's house. Some people are comfortable going into a friend or acquaintance's kitchen, pulling out a bottle of beer/soda/water from the fridge, making a sandwich, and plopping in front of the telly. I'm not. Consider it to be a bit rude to be honest. I wait for the invitation. It's their house, after all. I'm a guest in it. I ask if I can help. I'm careful of the boundaries. If someone visits - I ask if they want anything and treat them as a honored guest (which may explain why I prefer not to have guests, too nerve-wracking and too much bloody work).

What can I say? I'm like a cat when it comes to territory, protective of my own and cautious in someone else's. (Well, except for the peeing part, have no desire to mark it, thank you very much.)
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Flying cockroach =0/ Me=1.

It was a battle, and really there should be no such things as flying cockroaches anyhow, let alone big ones. But I outsmarted it. When it disappeared on me (hate it when bugs do that), I set my vaccume cleaner up and lay in wait, so sure enough when it crawled out of hiding again - up I scooped it.


Bits on The Wire Episode 11 and the flaws of S2 )

Work was fun. When I was spell-checking a document in word - it was acting weird. Kept telling me words that I know for a fact are spelled correctly were wrong or did not exist and providing the oddest substitutes. Finally realized that I had accidentally set the language default to French.
French being the only second language I can halfway understand - I didn't notice it. Also, the English language has incorporated quite a few French words over time. "Completion" being amongst them.

Glanced at the Time article on fanfic - two things struck me while scanning it. One - the only fanfic they mentioned was mainstream stuff like Harry Potter and Twilight, not the true cult, under the radar stuff such as Buffy, X-men, Farscape, Doctor Who, etc. But the kids stuff. Two- their description of fanfic made me laugh out loud - Fan fiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker.

They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

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1. Watched the Oscar nominated British film, An Education last night. The film does provide some stellar performances from Olivia Williams and Alfred Molina. As well as newcomer Carey Mulligan. And the script by Nick Hornby is serviceable - there are few excellent lines. Such as the young school-girl Jenny's reaction upon having sex for the first time. "It's funny for something that so many have written songs and poetry about, the actual act is quite short, takes hardly any time at all." Truer words were never spoken. And later - her statement to her teacher - "I've learned there are no shortcuts." The story is a female coming of age story, but disturbingly it is once again based on her relationship with a guy. I hate to tell you this, but most women come of age without necessarily having sex with or a relationship with a guy. Guy's aren't necessary for a girl to become a woman. Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and numerous others did quite well without you. You aren't THAT important.

The film is basically the older man - young girl trope. I remember reading a French novel at the age of sixteen about a girl in Paris discovering her sexuality with a much older man. In reality? It is gross. In books, romantic. In this film - a bit of both. Hornby to give him credit - does show that a man in his 40s who is preying on a 16 year old girl - is not someone you want to know. He's charming, clever, seductive and fun. She goes to nice restaurants, auctions, and believes that she's met CS Lewis. The story takes place in the early 1960s in London. He's the dream. Loves her music, can discuss culture, is patient, and charms her parents. He even proposes and they are the ultimate star crossed lovers. major plot spoiler )

A good film overall, just one that I find myself in disagreement with. I'm oddly pleased The Hurt Locker - a film about war and men, directed by a female director won instead. An Education a film about a girl coming of age after her romance with a much much older man, was written and directed by by a men, [ETA: but apparently "loosely" based on a memoire written by a woman, and directed by a woman. Note to self - google the film before writing a view based on what you recollect from reading the credits.] It's told in her pov, but from a male angle [this might be due to Hornby's script]. The Hurt Locker was by far the better film. They are different of course, with different intents. But An Education felt sort of cliche to me - as if I'd seen it before, and the Hurt Locker brand new and something I had not. Could just be that I've long ago outgrown the older guy who is so into the young girl, she's over the moon with the attention motif - one does, when one gets older, eventually.

2. While waiting for the elevator at work saw the following posted on the glass doors leading to the security desk for the school board:

* No Hoods, Do-rags, Hats, or Bandanas permitted. No Weapons of any kind (more explanation in small writing I could not read below).

For some reason that amused me. But then I make fun of everything. I treat life as a cosmic joke - it's the only way, sometimes.

3. On Lj came across a WTF moment. Apparently people think it is improper etiquette or wrong to write reviews of fanfic in your own live journal??? As if Fanfic, and we're talking about FANFIC, is some holy untouchable grail that none should touch but to squee over! somewhat ranty and while I've edited it, it's bound to offend some sensitive soul out there. )
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Yeah, I know everyone is sick of this by now, but indulge me. This is your way of stating your piece without having to write anything and making someone work to figure out what your opinion was. Also to see if you truly are in the minority.

Regarding the ships wars? I came up with a little drabble. Not to be outdone by Harmony, now that she's become super-buffy, Buffy has chosen to go on Harm's reality talk fest to set things right, once and for all.
really bad drabble I wrote off the top of my head today on who Buffy would choose - be kind, not betaed. )

The Buffy Comics Poll, cut for spoilers...massive, massive spoilers. )
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Been thinking about the things looking forward to in culture this upcoming year, now that 2009 has finally been put to rest. Note I sort of skipped over the whole best of lists.
Not sure why. May go back and do it, when I have time. May not. Moving on.

Buffy fanfic and Buffy comics...never the twain shall meet, wait aren't they the same? )
On TV front - looking forward to:

Caprica, the New Doctor Who - run by Stephen Moffet, actually considering getting HBO for George RR Martin mini-series (but may just wait for netflix to pick it up), Tru Blood S2 and Dexter S4 to come out on netflix, Lost, The Good Wife, Supernatural, In Plain Sight and a couple of others that I can't think of at the moment. Too many tv shows, too little time.

a bit on the Golden Globes and Avatar and the Hangover...which may or may not piss people off, you never know, hence the cut )
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I hate packing for a trip - in general, because I've never have any clue what to bring and I always bring the wrong things. And end up only wearing half of them. Just finished packing for trip on Wed, and no clue why I bothered since I'll probably repack tomorrow and change everything. (Impossible to pack for HH weather - it can be anywhere from 70 to 36 degrees this time of year. I googled it and according to the weather channel it's low 50s and high 30s, which makes me think - layers, turtle necks, long pants, and sweaters.)

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I should go to bed, but all achey from personal trainer/gym and all restless from well personal trainer/gym. I am getting stronger - apparently. Was able to do exercises tonight that I couldn't the before - which is of the good. I'll be running in no time, well maybe another year or so...but still.
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Okay, grabbing an aleve then off to bed. Really don't want to deal with work tomorrow. Lots of filing and archiving - which I despise, particularly when I'm achey.

[Edited above for clarification purposes]
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It's a pretty day, sunny and warm, with a nice breeze. I find myself awash with envy for people who are rich enough that they can afford a balcony or deck or backyard in the city.
All I've got is a measley fire escape, which I've tried in the past with little success. Did take a walk though, picked up watercolor and drawing supplies, a small scketch/writing notebook, chocolate, and groceries. Streets were unduly crowded with strollers (often double) and groups of people, with kids dashing back and forth between the legs, cars, and bikes. Decided not to attempt the Atlantic Antic - NYC's largest street fair, which has about 7 million people visit it each year. It takes place all along Atlantic Avenue - which is about ten - fifteen blocks from where I live. Bands, food, street fair...and way too many people.

This morning on the way to the farmer's market, a film crew was literally perched on my front stoop. They were filming a scene in the sidewalk and stoop next door. The camera was perched in front of my gate. I have no idea what film they were doing. Except that the old guy looked vaguely familar, reminded me a little of Roman Polanski, which is of course impossible. Could have Harvey Keitel. I've no idea. Suppose I could have asked them what film or tv show they were doing, but I just did not care. I've become jaded after 14 years of living in NYC and having to go around film crews blocking my path. They are more annoying than interesting. In fact, in my head I've begun to equate them with cockroaches and pigeons, a necessary evil of the NYC landscape. Interesting but also annoying. I doubt this was anything major since there were no police blockades or heavy security.

Have gotten abysmally little done this weekend. Spent most of it reading - a fanfic online. Was rather good and interesting. Quite brilliant in places. And No porn in sight. And multi-character. With lots of interesting edges. Only flaw is well, a personal pet peeve that I feel compelled to share in the hopes that people will read this and stop doing it. I've seen it in pulp novels and thought, damn, doesn't anybody edit these things anymore? It's simple to fix.
pet peeve found in fanfiction )
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Why do we tell stories? Or rather more importantly, why do we listen to them? I know the answer of course, and there are many...but I think the principal one is to resolve an issue, a problem, a question, or an itch. To get an answer.

Just finished watching the two hour season premiere of the series House - In the premiere - House is in a mental hospital struggling with his viacodine addiction. The episode is not about his addiction or detox, but rather about him dealing with his inability to connect to others in a meaningful way. This was a tale I'd seen before told in a different way, for there are no new stories just new ways of telling them. From I Never Promised You A Rose Garden to Girl, Interrupted and of course who can forget One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - each tale about someone lost, friendless, who feels betrayed, alone, as if they can't trust anyone, including themselves, finding themselves again. Each time it is told, something new comes out of it. For the teller is different each time, and each teller gives a new twist, a new angle. The House tale had me in tears by the end of spoke to me about loss, about moving on, about the fact that sometimes we can't fix things, and sometimes just being is enough.

When I was child - my friends and I told stories. One of my bestfriends, on the way to school, used to tell me what happened on the tv shows that I missed the night before. This was before the invention of VCR, DVR, cable, or the internet. I went to bed at 8, and on the east coast all the tv shows started at 8 or 9pm. Later when I saw the shows in reruns, I remember being disappointed - for they were not the same stories my friend had related to me on the way to school each morning. In a way she was telling me her own version, recreating the bits she liked, deleting the bits she didn't, and adding bits that she wished had been in it. Fanfic if you will. Another friend and I, used to take a show or book and create oral fanfiction from it - we'd tell long serial tales, either about our friends (real person fanfiction) or about the characters in a book, film, or tv show we loved. She'd tell me chapter one on Monday, and I'd tell her chapter two on Tuesday.

And when I thought about it this week, rolling the question around in my brain, why do we tell stories? I realized we always have, all of us, since the beginning. Whether they be a tale as simple as what we did at work today or one made up from our head with makebelieve characters, or a twist on a story that was already told, a what-if or a fill in the gap.
Our religions have that one thing in common, stories. Every religion has at its foundation a story. And the stories are incredibly similar...twists on the same tale, told from multiple perspectives. About sacrifice, pain, love, loss, and redemption. But mostly about what it means to be human, how to be good, and what happens when we aren't.

This is a long introduction to something I rarely if ever do in my livejournal. I don't tend to admit that I read fanfic. Especially B/S fanfic. Oh I admit it, but I don't talk about it too much, mostly out of embarrassment. And even though I've written fanfic, few have seen it - again embarrassment. Which I now realize is rather silly and stupid.

This month courtesy of [ profile] moscow_watcher's recommendations, I found a rather interesting fanfiction on the internet that addressed an issue that I'd been tossing about in the periphery of my brain in a new way. While reading it, I was or rather am also reading Bram Stocker's Dracula, and watching Season 3 of Dexter ( A noir cable tv series about a serial killer who attempts to handle his "homicidial tendicies" by killing only serial killers or individuals who murder others) - which in their own ways addressed similar issues but from other perspectives.

I think we can learn from each other's stories. And I think sometimes a story, a fictional one, can tell us things or rather show us things that we can't get from a simple conversation or lecture or rule book. Stories are morality plays...most of the time. Or at least that was how Patrick Stewart, who portrayed Jean-Luc Picard in STNG, once defined Shakespearean plays and Star Trek The Next Generation (STNG).

The fanfic - if you are at all curious, can be found here:

It is entitled: Forward to Times Past by Unbridled Brunnett.

The fanfic is a Buffy/Spike fanfic (I won't use the other term since I find it silly and offensive - yes, I am anal about certain things, I admit that. Combining people's names into one word makes me cringe for some reason). It is a time travel fic. It is also a what-if scenario - where the author through the fic struggles to answer several questions that have been nagging at her - questions that do not necessarily have simple answers. Questions I've seen the tv series Dexter attempt to answer, but from another angle. It is a story about a hero who goes back in time and allows herself to be taken care of, who in attempting make the best of a situation may have inadvertently caused things to go...well not in a good direction. It is a story about a relatively good and gentle man who becomes a horrible monster and tries to become a good and gentle man again and isn't quite sure he can. It is about the messiness of obsessive and passionate relationships that we adore on the pages of a romance novel, but don't quite work as well in real life. And it, for me at least, gets to the heart of why we tell stave off the darknees, to find peace of mind, to entertain, to have the happy ending, to understand what it is to be human, to attempt to understand why people do horrible things, or merely to survive.

Meta on Unbridled Brunnett's BTVS Fanfiction Forward to Times Past - major spoilers for anyone who has not read it. )
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It is midnight and I should be in bed. But oddly wired. I think PMS? Maybe not. Maybe so. Just finished betaing the first 20 pages of a fanfic that I wrote and posted to teaattheford tonight. It's the one I wrote last year but didn't finish. No not the evil fanfic, that's already there still unfinished. The other one. Which I hope to finish this weekend and post complete to that board. Little fearful. But nice to have it someplace intact. Was almost impossible to locate in my journal.

At any rate, while betaing the thing I got to thinking about fanfic and fandom. Two things that are relatively new to me. I've never been in a fandom before BTVS and to be honest, there are times that I look at fandom and think, yes, the word and it's dictionary meaning fits. Fanatic. Crazy. Obsessed person. Okay. Needing approval and validation through outside means. Yep. Yet, the people I've met have also been incredibly generous and fun. So like everything else? Double-edged experience.

Fanfic provides one with a comfort zone. You are working with established characters and an established back-story. You are also writing for an audience who knows possibly as much if not more about these characters than you do. This provides you, the fanfic writer, with the ability to skim over certain things that writers of original fiction cannot skim over, which is not a good habit to get into. You do not have to describe backstory or deal with exposition. You do not have to provide as much detailed description. Your audience already knows these characters, they know their back-story, where they came from, who they are. So unlike a writer of original fiction, you can sort of push past the tough stuff and get right to the meat or heart of things. Unless of course you are doing an alternate universe fic - then you have to tell more. There is of course a down-side to your audience being overly familar with your characters - they have their own ideas about them, own wants and desires, and if these wants and desires conflict with yours - well, you lose them.

Why is it written? To fill in gaps in the narrative. The writer and audience are left unsatisfied in some way, they want something and are uncertain what it is. Television serials are excellent for fanfic - because they have gaps in their narrative structure. The more loose the show is written and by loose, I mean the writer deliberately does not tell you everything about the characters or what has happened to them, the more likely you will see fanfic on it. Action-adventure/mystery/sci-fi and western serials are perfect - since their focus is more on action than relationships, they leave a lot of things open-ended. And being a serial - they can't quite let any of their characters stay together - another perfect opening for a fanfic to be written, because we all yearn for happy endings or endings period and tv serials rarely have endings.

Coming online tonight, I read one of the posts on my flist then read a response, and smiled. The post was asking if anyone knew of any NON-fanfic writers who explored myth in their essays and could speak about them and explored fandom. The person who responded recommended three FAN-FIC writers, big name ones, who to my knowledge have never written any essays on the verse and haven't really read any. I laughed. When I was writing essays on the Buffy Cross & Stake board in 2002-2003 - then later, briefly, Angel's Soul, the board was split. You could at one time only post fanfic with permission and only on the non-spoiler board, without spoilers. On ATPO - All Things Philosophical About Buffy and Angel - you rarely posted fanfic, not sure if they permitted it or not - short ones, maybe. Just links were allowed. But essays could be as long as you wanted and no permission was necessary. - the academic site - only did essays.

I wrote over 400 pages during the series run in 2002-2005, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of the B/S fanfic writers on my own correspondence list never read one of them.  It's not because I wasn't well known - I wrote and posted on the most trafficed board online at the time - BC&S Spoiler Board which had over 400 visitors a day. Or accessible. But we ran in different circles. I read them, but then I read both essays and fic. A lot of people I know in fandom either read one or the other. There is an equal number of people I'm certain that have never read a fanfic, but have read quite a few essays. A friend of mine, soon to be published writer, refuses to read fanfic, sees it as silly and only read essays, even bought a book of essays. There is a split in fandom and people are very weird about it - but then people are weird about anything they get passionate about.

At any rate this persuades me to create a meme for the essay writers - everyone names their favorite fanfic writers, but I haven't seen anyone list their favorite essay writers, ever. Not once.  So, Who are your favorite Buffy/Angel essay writers? They had to have written an essay on the series. They cannot be someone known for writing lots of fanfic on it and have oh, written a brief post or two. No, You can only name people who have written at least one to two essays and have posted those essays someplace on line. Also if you are an essay writer, you are not allowed to name yourself. Name at least five. You can name ten. And if you can't think of any and you've written fanfic? Shame on you.. Go to these websites and start reading:, Who knows you might get some new ideas.

Who were my favorite essayists?

10 favorite essayists, in no particular order. )

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Been reading my correspondence list last two nights. correspondence list, snarking on memes which leads to a bizarre little rant on multiple choice tests and how we are educated, okay maybe not quite a rant, but close )

Not a bad day. Quite productive over all. Cleaned my apartment. Mopped the kitchen floor, so that the tiles are now clean and sparkling, vaccumed, arranged books on the shelves, put my PC back together, and threw out more junk. When I told Wales about this and explained how my cruddy apartment was getting on my nerves. She informed me that of all her friends, I was the only one who seemed to care about keeping my apartment tidy. (Had to bite my tongue a bit, considering Wales, love her as I do, is suffice it to say, a slob. Please note, I am not a neat freak. I have clutter. I stack things. And yes there are dishes sitting in my sink with water in them. Which I will put away shortly. And I do dump clothes on a chair or a trunk. Wales on the other hand, dumps her clothes on the floor, tapes on the floor, leaves cigarettes in glasses, has been known to keep dirty dishes in the sink for two days, and has cats who she does not always clean up afterwards. I have allergies to mold and dust and I cannot breath in her apartment.) Actually, part of the reason people don't clean is they don't spend much time in their apartments - they use them to dump stuff, sleep, and that's it. Me? I need a space for myself. A retreat. And if it's cruddy, I get depressed. I need a place I can control, you know?

Anywho, after cleaning everything, made myself a nice healthy, gluten free, sugar free lunch. You'd have been proud. (Maybe not, not sure who reads this journal and who doesn't on flist? And to be honest, flist probably doesn't know which ones I read, since I rarely comment, mostly because by the time I get around to reading the entry, it's four days old. And well, everyone's already commented and said what I wanted to say. Saying something would be, you know, sort of redundant. There are other reasons, but you already know them, so won't bore with them. Been enjoying the personal entries the most lately, the personal tidbits about what people are doing in their lives, their struggles, their accomplisments, their pain. Finding myself nodding, thinking, yeah me too. Silent agreement, you know? ) The lunch was blue corn super nachos - basically blue corn chips with shredded cheddar ( I shredded it since the prepacked stuff has gluten as a separator, yes the stupid things they put additives in. Did you know they put peanut oil in Healthy Choice Minute Maid OJ? Ugh.), Amy's refried beans (no hot spices or peppers, the traditional brand) heated. A little fresh shredded parmesene. And Amy's mild salsa (very mild) and guacamola that I made myself with chopped onion, chopped tomato, chopped avocado and a little lime. Very tasty and filling. For dessert? A few slices of mango. The cravings for sugar on Thurs and Friday - put down to period coming, it arrived Friday. (Weren't you just dying to hear that? Won't bore you with any more details on that topic.)

Then I ran to meet Wales, was running late since needed to head back indoors to get a belt for my shorts which are hanging on me now. Interesting factor - I show up almost fifteen minutes late, and Wales starts hunting for a phone to call me( possibly because I'm rarely late and she's used to finding me waiting for her), when Wales was running almost 30 minutes late last week, I patiently waited, did not hunt a phone at all. Either I am more patient than Wales or she's used to coming and seeing me waiting for her and worries if I'm late. I'm anal about things that Wales isn't. Which is one of the reasons I like Wales.

We wandered up to Montague to go to the promenade. We'd planned on seeing Asylum today, but as luck would have it, the movie scampered off. Damn. Of course the 40 year old Virgin, Wedding Crashers and The Aristocrats were still there. Wales stated that she's decided people are deeply stupid. And she is going to be an elitist snob and doesn't care what people think. When I queried her about this (not that I disagree, mind you ), she told me about the stupid creationist/evolutionist debate. I rolled my eyes, and thought, what again? We both hail from Kansas City so are familar with some of it. We, however, lucked out and did get taught evolution in school. We also got the biblical history lesson. (For me it was the history of the Hebrews in Fifth Grade - literally studies the Old Testament as a history lesson in the fifth grade, as the history of the Ancient Hebrews. And yes, I went to a public school. ) Personally I can't think of anything more stupid than this whole debate. People - I want to say - has it ever occurred to you that maybe "God's" concept of time and yours is not the same? Tad arrogant to think it is, don't you think? Honestly, I don't see why it has to be an either/or gambit. But hey, I also don't understand why people are so hyper about "canon". I think as I grow older I fall more and more into the perceiving category and less and less in the judging one. I don't like being boxed in. I like possibilities. Which may be some of my frustration with my current occupation, it's heavily procedural oriented and into rules.

Canon, fanfic and Peter David's Spike Old Times, includes another bizarre tangent on how marketing has created our current culture or something along those lines. )

Review of Spike One Shot comic, does contain spoilers )

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