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Just finished watching the GOT S7 finale...and...

OMG! That was frigging brilliant.

No wait...

That was even better than last week's episode!!!

They managed to tie up not one but two major mysteries at the same time! Plus great banter.

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[Oh, finished Wynonna Earp S1 -- highly recommend. Will review tomorrow.
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All caught up on Game of Thrones now..just a few things or questions/answers really...

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Went online, read briefly about politics, got pissed, decided to drink chamomile tea and watch the end of the continental cake episode of S5 (S1 in the US) Great British Bake Off and episode one of S7 Game of Thrones instead. Comforting and oddly cathartic.

Horrible sinus tension head-ache all day long. Possibly due to lack of sleep the night before due to horrible gas pains, in turn due to, god knows what. Frustrated at work, so been working on my mystery sci-fi novel about a society controlled by competing corporations.

So..Game of Thrones at least in Season 7 is weirdly comforting.

It's so far off book at this stage that I'm beginning to wonder if GRR Martin has chosen to just let the television series finish the story, and give up entirely. Can't say I'd blame him. The television series is a lot better in some respects. (Less meandering, more cathartic action.) I think Martin wrote himself into a corner, not that he'll ever admit it.

Anyhow, not sure anyone else is still watching it or saw the first episode yet? My co-workers and the folks on FB are all ahead of me. So, I'm being careful not to get spoiled.

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It's admittedly odd that a kid's show did a parody of a NC-17 rated adult series. But...the parody is hilarious.
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Taking a four day weekend - since have President's Day off as a holiday, so taking tomorrow as a personal day. I need a breather from work. Want to go furniture shopping. Depending on weather.

1. Is it just me or is the LJ spam even worse than it was before? I get two a day now, and they are always weird drugs that I would never use in a million years. [Note to evil marketing people spamming my lj with pharmaceutical products? Stop wasting your time. No one sees them but me and I'm immune to marketing.]

2. Vampire Diaries rocked like nobody's business tonight. It was like a cliff-hanger every ten minutes, plus plot-twists galore. And oh...I was so right about that big death. Go me. Although, admittedly quite tragic. And I so did not see that final plot-twist. Vamp Diaries like Once Upon A Time never fails to surprise me, yet, weirdly makes sense and is not out of nowhere. In other words it surprises me in a way in which I think, damn, why didn't I think of that?

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3. Fun workplace conversations about Game of Thrones.

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3. Day 03 – Your favorite series

And this continues to be the hardest meme on the planet. I don't know. I've read a lot of series and it depends on my mood which is my favorite also which year it is. Let's see...PD Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster? Nah. Lord of the Rings? No, I got bogged down in Return of the King, how people managed to read it and the Silmarrion, I'll never know - although I should talk, I loved and read James Joyce's Ulysess five times in undergrad and some people find that unreadable. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? The Chronicles of Lymond by Dorothy Dunnett - now that is tempting, that was a fun series, even if Dunnett's writing style gets on my nerves - she could give the engineers at the Railroad and several contract lawyers I know a run for their money on being dense and indirect in her prose.

Harry Potter

I'm sorry, it may not be the best written or the most literary work on the planet. But it was fun and it took me out of my head and it dealt with some interesting themes. Specifically class issues in a wryly witty sort of way. Rowlings reminded me a great deal of Ronald Dahl, except less misanthropic. Sort of Ronald Dahl meets Charles Dickens by way of PD Wodehouse and CS Lewis. And her world was delightfully textured, witty, and satirical. A series that appealed to all ages, creeds, and nationalities. Rare thing that.

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4.Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

The problem with favorite tv series is that you can't make up your mind which episode is your favorite. Actually that's why it is your favorite, generally speaking, 60-75% of the episodes fit into the category of - this is my favorite episode. And which takes precedence often has a lot to do with mood and what you did that day. Although I suspect this is true with most things.

Decisions, decisions...or rather eeny, meeny, miny, moe...I pick, eh...Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling - this week, mainly because I'm a sucker for musicals, it was an ingeuous take on a musical, and everybody in the cast was given something interesting to do that furthered their emotional journey and the plot at the same time. This was generally true of episodes Joss Whedon wrote, less so of episodes the other's wrote. Whedon played favorites less on Buffy than his other writers did. Oddly Buffy was the only show he worked on that he did not play favorites as much with - which I find decidedly odd.

At any rate - I remember a friend who was a bit critical of Buffy or didn't take it seriously, catching this episode, and commenting - "now that was interesting, they don't take themselves seriously and the whole time they were making fun of themselves and musicals, it was like a fun witty satire on filmed musicals."

So true. The magic, much like Rowlings Harry Potter series, was in the small details.
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At some point, I should probably do a review of the entire series, but no time tonight. Just finished watching Episode 10 Fire and Blood - the season #1 finale of Game of Thrones. Odd. For some reason I thought there were 11 episodes. 10 is an awfully short season even for HBO. Normally, US DVD packages require at least 13 - for pricing. Not that I'm complaining, it made the story tighter, less filler and throw-away scenes. Shorter seasons mean better and higher production value and tighter writing.

I have to admit, I've forgotten most of the books, had to ask co-worker how Game of Thrones the novel ended. Because I could not remember. And I remember even less of the second book Clash of Kings - except that it was long, I didn't enjoy it all that much, and I wanted to strangle Robb, Catelynn, Davos, Cersei, Sansa and Joffrey in no particular order by the end of it. Why, I couldn't tell you. Because I honestly don't remember. Read the bloody thing six years ago. I remember the third book better actually - but I read that one in November, and it's already fading fast. Bloody memory can only hold so much miscellaneous information. Do remember who gets killed and how. But I can't tell you that. Because spoilers! Will go so far as to state - that none of my favorite characters get killed. Well, at least not yet.

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Hot day. Busy day. But not as head-ache inducing as yesterday. Mostly because I was able to get things done without chasing my tail. Okay, I exaggerate about it being hot, by Kansas City and California standards? It's relatively mild. Heck by Hilton Head and Florida standards it's mild.
We reached 85-89 degrees. Big whoop. That's about 26 degrees Celusis - I think. And there was a nice breeze. It was actually pleasant. In which case...forget the hot remark altogether.

I'm certain there's something else I should be doing at the moment...but my mind is a blank. Probably making dinner or working on my novel - now that I've figured out how to fix the bits that need fixing before I write a synopsis and send it out to publishers. The internet, particularly blogging, is a great procrastination tool.

Enjoyed aspects of Game of Thrones this week but once again was struck by what they left out of the series and what they left in. Which I won't go into.

What I liked?
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[As an completely esoteric and non-sequitor aside? This is how you know that you watched a certain tv series one too many times - when you read a writer's interview and think, no, you idiots, the line - "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it" - wasn't from Fool for Love, nor was it written by Doug Petrie, it was from Lover's Walk by Dan Vebber, who was a hired gun.

Sigh. I'm not sure what that says about either the writers or me for that matter. Not sure I want to know. Hmm. Maybe in ten years, I won't even remember the line?]
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Oooh, this episode was good! Although some people may have preferred last week's, but I loved the dialogue in this episode. And it was tricky. Also the last line and the last bit - word for word from the book. (YMMV of course).

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Just watched Episode 6 of Game, and yes, this section was a bit slow and frustrating in the book as well. Don't worry no book spoilers. I did enjoy sections of it though - everything with Tyrion Lannister and Ayra. Who are my two favorite characters in the books. And the bits with Vicerys and Danrys whose story is starting to take off.

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First off - it is irritating me to no end that I can't get HBO Go because Time Warner, my cable and internet provider doesn't carry it. Remind me to shoot them a complaint on this at some point.
Although - I really don't have the time or the energy to watch the series on my computer or ipod touch. But still - considering how much I pay? It's the least they could do.

Just finished watching tonight's episode of Game of Thrones - and I've clearly forgotten quite a bit of the books or I've remembered them differently, because this episode has bits that well don't appear to follow the books at all? Maybe I should just ignore the books entirely and just enjoy the series as a separate entity? Which is actually what I usually do - since it is impossible to adapt something exactly from one medium to another. And this series actually comes the closest that I've seen to an exact or legitimate adaptation which stays true to the flavor and nature of a fantasy series of books in minute detail, the only one closer may be Jackson' Lord of the Rings. Other than that slight confusion - I loved the episode and once again appreciated the difference between it airing on HBO and on regular network tv. There is no way in hell, we'd have gotten some of the sex scenes and full frontal nudity on network tv that we get here.

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The second episode of Game of Thrones was much much better than the first. And they are moving rapidly through the book. In some respects it works better - the jumping from points of views, which in the book often felt jarring, you'd be in one, there'd be a cliff-hanger, and suddenly you are in another for about 30 pages. Here it's faster. Less plodding through intricate and textured description. We don't need descriptions of each character, their clothing, etc.

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