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Jun. 13th, 2017 08:49 pm
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I swiped this Movie Meme from selenak. Actually saw it last night and got stumped by the first question and thought about it off and on today, and yep, still stumped. Frigging movie meme is harder than it looks.

movie meme, which is harder than it looks )
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In response to the meme:

the character I least understand
interactions I enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looking character
one thing I dislike about my fave character
one thing I like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character I wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed

Londonkds requested The X-men. (I can't figure out how to do the user icon thing in DW.)

the character meme -- X-men )
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[We'll see if I can do this...every time I do one of these memes, I forget the movies or tv shows or books I've seen and draw a complete blank. It's weird. Almost as if something in me doesn't want to do it. OR maybe, I just can't make up my mind. This one might work, because note -- it's not the best or the only one. Just happens to be whatever comes to mind.]

A Movie I Love: His Girl Friday (based on the play, The Front Page)

An Action Movie I Love: Face-Off (based on a Hong Kong Action film, it starred John Travolta and Nick Cage, whose characters switch places)

A Drama I Love: Breaking Away

A Western I Love: My Name is Nobody (1973) This starred Terence Hill and Henry Fonda, and managed to play homage to and poke fun at all the major Western Tropes. I think I've seen it ten times.

A Horror Movie I Love: Jurassic Park (will watch it whenever it pops up on television)

A Comedy I Love: Noises Off

A Romance Movie I Love: (Sort of already have Gross Point Blank in another category)...Romancing the Stone

A Noir I Love: The Maltese Falcon

A Disney Movie I Love: Robin Hood (1973). Best Robin ever. (I loved this movie so much as a child that I slept with the picture book. Saw it a million times. And when it came on tv, taped it and watched on a scratchy tape. Years and years later, I saw the guy ho voiced Robin in a production of the Shakespeare Comedy that I can never remember the name of with the character Shakespeare in the Park. I bonded with a fellow theater goer/Buffy fan board member over our mutual love of that film.)

A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Blade Runner. (Apparently they are doing a sequel which is coming out at the end of this year or next, starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling...and I have no clue why. It's really not a movie that requires a sequel. It's perfect as is. I've seen it a million times too and I think I own it.)

An Animated Movie I Love: Spirited Away

A Superhero Movie I Love: The Dark Knight. (They FINALLY got Batman right -- or the Batman comics that I'd loved in college and wanted to see on screen. Can't re-watch it though. But I vividly remember it -- favorite sequence is the end with a devastated Bruce Wayne and Commissioner and an insane Half and Half.)

A War Movie I Love: The Guns of Navarone

An Exploitation Movie I Love: Pulp Fiction

A Musical I Love: West Side Story (I tried to think of another one...but no, West Side Story)

An Historical Movie I Love: Lawrence of Arabia

A Bad Movie I Love: Tremors (which is also a horror movie. It's so bad, it's funny.)

A Childhood Favorite: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Escape From Witch Mountain (the 1970s version)

A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Franco Zeffrelli's Romeo and Juliet (everyday on my way to work last year, I'd listen to a subway busker play the theme song on his accordion in the subway tunnel between Sixth and Fifth Avenues...he did a great job.)

A Franchise I Love: Star Trek

A Trilogy I Love: Star Wars (the original three films...the other's have not quite lived up to them.)

A Guilty Pleasure I Love: Gross Point Blank. (Actually saw this movie when it was still in development. It and Back to the Future -- I saw rough cuts of, or previews before anyone else.)

A Movie Recently Seen: Doctor Strange

My Favourite of This Year: The year is still young. So far, Doctor Strange (I really haven't seen any movies this year, so far it's been Sing and Dr. Strange. I don't tend to get out to the movies very often. I keep meaning to see Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Logan, etc...)

A Favourite of All Time: The Sting
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Okay - I first did this meme back in January of 2011. Let's see if I still have the same answers, three years later. Considering I haven't watched an episode of the series in at least five years and my obsession with it has more or less disappeared, along with my obsession with a certain vampire.

Well that was then, this is now. My memory is less clear and I find myself to be a tad more critical of what I once loved and adored with blind abandon. So the following may ruffle a few feathers?

30 Days of Buffy Meme in one Day )
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1) Book Meme: Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie

I'm behind, this I know.'s hard to adapt the books into movies, they are never going to be exactly what you saw when reading the book. An Aunt of mine refuses to watch movies that have been adapted from books that she loves - because when she reads, she watches the book play out like a movie in her head - and the adaptation never quite fits what was in her head - it's always wrong. Nor does she want to see the movie before reading the book - because that ruins it for her as well.

I'm not that picky. I'm willing to hand-wave the discrepancies, or I basically look at it as another person's interpretation. And I find other interpretations of what I love fascinating.
No-one else is in my head after-all, including the writer. I can hardly expect them to have interpreted the book or art the same way I have. When they do, I'm flabbergasted and that is just, well brilliant.

So..favorite book turned into a movie is either one in which I can't remember the book that well and the movie captured what I do remember or loved about it, or it totally fit what was in my head. And don't ask me to pick just one, dammit.

* Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson. Perfectly captured my love of the book, and in some ways I liked the movie better. I'm guessing I may well be in the minority on this - from what I've seen on my flist. But mileage, it varies, that's the fun.

* A&E's presentation of the BBC minseries of Pride and Prejudice - which in some respects actually improved on the Jane Austen novel.

I'd say The Hunger Games...but, eh, it's flawed. In some respects I liked the book better.

And definitely Game of Thrones...although I like the tv series better than the books, and yes, I know, most likely in the minority on that one as well.

None of the Whedon finales really felt like finales, except possibly for the flick Serenity.
Buffy had a couple of hanging plot threads, Angel did too - yet oddly, I preferred that finale to all the others - it was the most satisfying to me for some reason. Don't ask me why, I've no clue. But out of all Whedon's series for some bizarre reason - I liked the Angel series finale "Not Fade Away" the best - it worked for me, it was in character, fit the story-thread, and fit the genre/trope. I was actually relieved they did it that way.
anything else most likely would have annoyed me. This may explain why the Angel comics don't work for me...I felt Angel's arc was concluded best by the tv series.

the rest of the days )

2.TV MEme: Day 22 - Favorite series finale

I'm not really sure I have one. TV series usually suck at this sort of thing, it goes against the grain.

The Wire by far was the best - it wrapped up all the loose threads and provided a satisfying sense of closure. I didn't need any more episodes.

Peace-keeper Wars - was also a satisfying conclusion to Farscape - it gave me everything I needed and yet, left the story open at the same time.

Star Trek Next Generations Finale - where Picard goes forward and backwards in time exploring his life and choices, was a fascinating character study and study of the series as a whole. It was a clever finale that worked. Often clever finales don't work.

And... I liked The MASH finale...which I can no longer remember the name of. Sappy, but satisfying, even if it went on too long.

rest of the days )

3. Slowly making my way through Dance of Dragons. The problem with Martin, is he has so many characters that I'll forget them in the space between books and it may take me a while to figure out who the heck this person is. Current chapter I'm reading...appears to feature a new point of view, Quentin of Dorn. So I'm thinking, wait, who is Quentin? He sounds familiar. I know I should remember him. Five to six pages in, it hits me, oh, right,
eh book spoilers, although if you aren't there yet, you'll be lost )

Frigging writer isn't satisfied with just doing the same pov's book to book, no he has to create ten new povs, just to confuse me. I wander along and think, wait, who is this person? Oh...they were a minor character that was mentioned off-hand way back in Book 4 or 3. Got it.

Sigh... You shouldn't need a chart or rollerdex to keep track of all the characters, not quite sure how he does this - man must have a mind like an index (despite what you may think - I don't). If I were writing this thing - I'd have gotten lost a long time ago.

Back somewhat better, but still keeping lap-top usage down.

Why is it as I get older, I find it harder and harder to focus on stuff and want to read the literary equivalent of Peeps? No, I'm not talking about GRR Martin, GRR Martin is the literary equivalent of a very rich five course meal in which you either want to go to sleep after wards or feel like you are about to explode from eating too damn much.
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ganked from frenchani and petz.

book meme )
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This is the abridged version...because it's hard enough to do in this format. Note - I'd have troubles with this for male characters either. What? You want me to pick just one? Ugh. Impossible.
Not sure I can do this. My memory tends to blank on stuff like this. But...I want to make a point about something - male characters ARE not written better than female characters. We just tend to think of male characters more - because action/adventure and sci-fantasy/mystery genres tend to be overwhelmingly male oriented. But that is changing and there are quite a few strong and great female characters in those genres.

30 days female character meme and these types of memes often feel impossible. I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. )
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1. Favorite vampire character (tv, books, film, doesn't matter)?
Spike )

2. Book that sticks in your memory like chewing gum sticks to the bottom of your shoe?

Maria Doria Russell's The Sparrow, along with American Psycho and a few other books )

3. Who do you admire?
the modern day Sisyphus )
4. Favorite story trope that you find yourself going back to, again and again - it can be from a fairy tale, myth, legend, book, play, tv show...whatever.
The Snow Queen )

5. Name one TV show or movie or book that you saw or read this year that you'd recommend to someone else?
The Good Wife )

Off to make dinner. Wasn't sure how to lj-cut this one, so not for the time being. Obviously changed my mind and found a way to lj-cut, it felt too embarrassingly long and ahem, soulful? to leave open. People are weird about the whole lj-cut bit on my flist - some do it for everything, some never do it no matter how long their stuff is, and others are a bit like me, somewhere in between.
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Okay, I'm going to try to do the Shipper Meme for associated fandoms, which I ganked off of [ profile] londonkds of all people (he doesn't strike me as a shipper, but neither am I really - since I go by the story more than the pairings, if the pairings further the story and are interesting - it works for me, if they aren't, it doesn't). I find these memes difficult, because I'm such a dilettante when it comes to ships, also tend to be a canon shipper. If the story and writers convince me that the two characters are interesting together - I will ship them, if they don't, I won't. I do not care if they are good for each other or in real life would make each other happy - I care if they are interesting and integral to the plot and the character's emotional arc and if the relationship will tell me something new about them. In short - if the ship bores me, I won't ship it, if it interests me - I will. But even that isn't very clear-cut, because sometimes I like relationships that are comforting to me. Also depends on the show. Like I said - I'm inconsistent on this.

Buffy )

Angel )


Farscape )

Torchwood )

BattleStar Galatica )

Doctor Who )

Vampire Diaries )
That's enough of to make dinner. That was bloody hard. And I'm not even sure I'm willing to stick to some of the answers. That's the other thing, I'm moody - I have a tendency to change my mind on these things every day of the week. Tried to do Bab 5 - but the only pairing that interested me was G'Kar/Londo.

It's late and I'm overdue for dinner.
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Finished watching Downton Abbey - which was quite the treat. Makes me want to pull out my A&E Pride and Prejudice DVDs and rewatch them. Also, it sort of ended on a cliff-hanger, dang it.
Although accordingly to flist - there's a second season already in production - 8 hours, and a Xmas special both slated for Fall 2011 for BBC and most likely 2012 for US.

Rather adored it. The dialogue was hilarious in places, and clever. And it was well-paced for a parlour drama.

There's a movie meme going around that I want to try, now that [ profile] 2maggie2 has given me the secret to it. Basically you go through each year that you've been alive and pick your favorite film or one you enjoyed the most that came out that year. I'm hoping it won't take me forever...because ahem, 43 years here.

What you do is go here: and choose the film that you loved the most for each year of your life. The way I did this - is try to pick films that I would have seen that year or saw shortly thereafter, with a few rather obvious exceptions.

Movie Meme - Films I loved for each year of my life...the first 20 years. )

Stopping here. May continue the next 20 years in another post. Time for bed. Also 1987 was impossible to pick one. Some years are easier than others.
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I'm not sure about this meme...because it requires a response and doing posts that require people to respond, worry me. Because, hello, what if no one does? Then you look a bit silly, right? Not to mention lonely? Also isn't a bit presumptious to be asking people to respond to your post and talk about you? I'm guessing no one else ever worries about these things?

But this looked a bit interesting to me...

List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined.

here they are )
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I ganked this from "selenak". Please Note - this meme is solely about the TV series.

Buffy The TV Series - 30 Day Meme in One Day )
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Read all the voice posts on my flist, which were highly entertaining. Then tried it myself and it was not that entertaining, because I had already listened to everyone else's answers and ended up invariably mimicing theirs more or less.

There are some rather funny responses though, my favorites are below:

What do you call throwing toilet paper on a house? a misdemeanor.

What do you call rain falling when the sun is still out? a bloody miracle or run falling when the sun is still out? (it's a sun-shower...although it makes no logical sense, but probably doesn't matter)

What do you call a cart to pick up groceries? a trolly

What do you call an oval shaped spider with extreemly long legs? bloody frightening. (actually after you've seen a tarantula the size of your foot, not so much. Although having had a whole jar of the things dumped on my head when I was a little tyke - I'd go with the bloody frightening. Everyone else calls them Daddy Long-Legs.)

What do you say to a large group of people? (this is a poorly worded question, folks. It should be - what do you call a large group of people when greeting them.) I say, uh, hey, uh hello..guys, everyone. (LOL! Which is exactly the type of answer that question inspires.)

What do you call a carbonated or bubbly beverage? Beer.

Hilarious. I've included my incredibly lame version beneath the cut.

Voice post )
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Don't normally find these memes amusing enought to post, but I did this one and got a really great result this year. Guess why I'm posting it? Yep it's "only" for the very last line..(hee hee hee hee.)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, shadowkat67 sent to me...
Twelve dreams writing
Eleven waterfalls drawing
Ten forests a-cooking
Nine cats traveling
Eight giles a-hiking
Seven books a-reading
Six animals a-kayaking
Five gra-a-a-aphic novels
Four fairy tales
Three edward degas
Two urban legends
...and a chocolate in a david bowie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Proof that people have wildly divergent tastes? (As if you needed any.). Scrolling down flist - one entry is a review of the Farscape episode Back and Back and Back to the Future again - where the reviewer thought Misfits time travel episode was far better done and somewhat terrific...go down just a few entries, next poster states - Misfits screwed up royally on the time travel bit and did not do it that well at all. (LOL - or rather, laugh, cough, cough, cough, laugh, really cough.)

Also have come to the conclusion - that Hunger Games is the anti-Twilight (in case of any confusion - I'm referring to Stephanie Meyer's famous vampire romances not Joss Whedon's less infamous villain (of which we shall speak of no more.) And it hits all my story kinks:

1. kick-ass/somewhat tomboyish heroine in traditional male role - check
2. girl saves the boy - check (ie. not damsel - the girl I mean, the boy is definitely damsel)
3. survival in wilderness with just your wits (check)
4. wicked satire of current social ills that drive me crazy (aka evil marketing people and reality shows such as Survivor, Big Brother and Wipeout)
5. unrequited love (attractive boy has unrequited love for kickass heroine and is in the traditional female role, ie - not much of a fighter, better at hiding and into romance) - check
6. sci-fi satire on social and economic organizations - check.

And yes, I suppose there's a love triangel of sorts - but it's not really the main story line and the way it's written - it's actually, oddly twisty and innovative in nature. ie - the heroine is being pushed towards one guy to survive in the Games, and is playing the Game or the romance for the public, while she has a close and deep friendship established with the other guy back home that no one knows about. Nice satirical commentary on how fans influence tv writers and reality shows such as the Bachelor, etc.

If any of this stuff appeals to you on any level? You'll love the Hunger Games. Actually, I think most Buffy and Harry fans might like them. Collins is not as good a writer as JK Rowlings, but she's as good as Butcher.
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Pick your favorite tv show or book poll. Note - I deliberately left off choices such as "both" or "neither" - because I want to know which one people would pick if pressed. Granted, you probably haven't read or seen half of these - but that would make the choice easier, right?

The problem with posting polls - is as fun as they are, you really never know if anyone will respond. And if they do - how they will respond. It's a huge risk on the part of the poster, hence the reason I don't do them that often. But been thinking about this lately and wondering where folks fall - do people like Star Gate better than Farscape? Do they prefer Star Wars to BSG? Are they huge Twilight fans? This is fairly safe to voice your opinion on - because it requires work to figure out who voted and how they voted. And if you have quibbles, by all means complain in the comments.

I ended up making if 15 questions, was originally 13 - but didn't want to tempt fate. Silly, I know.

[Poll #1600338]
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Five Things Fan Meme.

1. Five of your most favorite male fictional characters - only books or tv
2. Five of your most favorite female fictional characters - only books or tv
3. Five villians who are effective and most favorite - books or tv
4. Five tv or book ships - actual ships as in something you would travel in.
5. Five theme or credit music for tv

[Note - should be sci-fantasy, but I broke the rule for the last one, since, I'm sorry but Veronica Mars and MASH rocked.]

mine are below the cut )
Bonus: Come up with something

Favorite Fairy Tales:
1. The Snow Queen - hero captured by Queen who poisons his mind/heart, heroine goes on an epic journey to save her lost love and friend, and heal him.
2. Rose White and Rose Red - the hero is a bear who was once a prince.
3. Bremen Town Musicians
4. The Pied Piper (not sure this is a fairy tale so much as a legend)
5. Beauty and the Beast (also may be a legend)
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(I swiped this from numerous folks on my flist. And trying to do it for a second time - tried earlier but got stuck on few questions, because I drew a complete blank. It's probably worth noting that I have watched way too much television in my lifetime and have most likely forgotten more tv shows than anyone else out there has actually watched.)

ridiculously long 30 day TV Meme that I chose to do in one post. )
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But I ganked it from [ profile] selenak

Name a TV show series in which you have seen every episode at least twice:

Buffy (although Angel, Farscape, and MASH also fall in there...)

Name a (current) show you can't miss:

Lost when it comes back next month, The Good Wife, Caprica (when it appears), Dollhouse (until it finishes), Supernatural..

Name an actor that would make you more inclined to watch a show:

I'm more inclined to follow writers than actors, but given that I'll check out anything that James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head appear in regardless of how atrocious the show is...
and ahem, let's face it 99% of Marsters choices have been atrociously bad...will give him this, he does lose himself in roles, I barely recognize him and think, whoa, this is the same actor who played Spike? Okaaay. I'm getting better about that though...I did not check out the Prisoner reprise, even though Ian McKellan was in it.

Name an actor who would make you less likely to watch a show:

None really, if there are enough reasons for me to watch the show otherwise (i.e. premise, writers, other actors, etc.).

Name a show you can, and do, quote from:

Sigh. Buffy. Although not so much anymore. I'm horrid at remembering quotes. Quotes and names. Anything oral - I have no memory of. If I see it, I can remember it. If I write it down, never forgotten. But heard? Forget the next minute.

Name a show you like that no one else enjoys:

"No one" is a bit exaggarated, but you want a list?? Hmmm, probably Smallville.

Name a TV show which you've been known to sing the theme song:

First - I don't sing. Second - I can't remember tunes. But that said, Suicide is Painless, you go through so many changes...oh suicide is painless after all...otherwise known as the brilliant theme to MASH. Black absurdist humor, with depth.

Name a show you would recommend everyone to watch:

Current show? I'm with selenak: The Good Wife. Chock full of great female characters, interacting with each other (the men are interesting as well), layered writing and good acting. Dead and gone show? Uh. See mileage differs...but I'd probably recommend Buffy, which continues to this day to be my favorite show of all time.

Name a TV series you own:

Buffy. (And now apparently Farscape...that makes two full tv series. Whoa. Now watch DVD players will go the way of VHS players which is the way of 8 track players...and I'll have to suck it up and get Blue Ray. I hate technology. OR rather I hate the people who feel the need to keep updating it every five seconds. )

What is your favourite episode of your favourite series?

Once More with Feeling from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it has everything I want in a tv show - songs, dance numbers, self-deprecating and at times slyly absurd humor, impossible romance,
horror, and a kick-ass heroine with an attitude.

A show you mean to watch, but you just haven't gotten around to yet:

The Wire.

Ever quit watching a show because it was so bad?

Alas. Heroes. (and several others won't bore you with...) 24 - tried different times, but it gets on my nerves - I don't buy the gimmick - there is no way you can get across LA in two minutes. Also the pro-torture stance and politics bug me. The season with Paul Blackthorne as the villian was by far the most palatable and the best.
Read more... )
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I ganked this from [ profile] anne1962. I never do these memes, because I don't know how to respond to them myself to be honest...and I'm always a bit afraid no one else will. They are like polls, if no one are sort of sitting there with egg on your face. But here it goes...just because I'm curious to see...assuming you do respond? And I honestly don't think there's much to be suprised by...but one never knows. Into the breach...

What's surprised you the most about me (if anything) since beginning to read my LJ (or when you met me IRL, for those who have)? Has anything about me been completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you had in your head?
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You know, or rather you really don't know because I haven't told you yet so how could you possibly know? That phrase does not logically work, does it? Anyhow..I think I'd have done better with the whole fanfic writing thing if I could get up the guts to ask people online that I don't know very well to beta. Oh I sort of did at one stage - I had people online beta a novel I'd written - there was this guy in Wales, named celebrex or celebrain who was doing it - his best line, which makes me laugh to this day was - "all men have chest hair, the ones who don't - wax. A lot." It made me laugh, because my brother and father have very little chest hair. But I chose not to fight with him on it. Sort of like the line my Dad's editor threw at him once - "your women characters are too tall. there are not that many women who are 5'9 to 6 foot with long legs. Average height is 5'3-5'6." This boggled my father's mind since his sisters, wife, me, and mother had all been 5'8 and taller. We write what we know, unfortunately if that conflicts with what other people know, our information is considered suspect or inaccurate. Anyhow, something tells me if I'd started with fanfic and not with my own original novel - this whole beta thing would have gone a lot better.

Buffy fan meme...because I am grumpy and feel like entertaining myself doing this instead of watching tv or reading.

its boring, I've done better, feel free to skip. )
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