Are any television shows worthy of obsession?

Date: 2017-06-05 07:44 am (UTC)
peasant: sweet pea (0)
From: [personal profile] peasant
Answer: Probably not. Doesn't keep me from obsessing about them, though. Or anyone else for that matter, apparently.

As long as it is a harmless obsession (i.e. not stalking the actors) then surely all is good. Is anything ever worthy of obsession, in the sense that its own merits make it somehow elevated above other things to legitimise the obsession? Surely obsessions always come from the obsessor not the object of that obsession, and so they can only be judged as worthy by the person doing the obsession.

I think obsession is a character trait inside all of us. I think in origin it is the trait that allows humans to focus on a particular task and keep returning to that task when we would otherwise get bored. Obsession is thus a useful survival trait. But if taken too far it can become a hindrance, blinding us to alternative possibilities and narrowing our thinking, which is why we also view it as a dangerous thing, that verges on a sin.

I think humans have lots of these janus-faced characteristics because the nature of our ecological niche creates a complex need for constant tension between stability and change, so most humans have tendencies towards both and are aware of that tension.

I'm not sure it matters. If it makes you happy, cheers you up, pushes the black clouds away...does it matter?
No. I am positive the answer to this question is no. Or rather it does matter - it matters in a positive way because it brings pleasure :D

Indeed I go so far as to believe that if somebody else is obsessed with something it is always worth checking that thing out at least once. Sometimes you get a miss (I will never, ever understand why people watch sports) but sometimes you find an unexpected gem (I found Supernatural because a friend pretty much threw the show at me until it stuck and I only started watching to please her, but now it is one of my major obsessions).
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