What qualifies as kid fare and adult?

Date: 2017-06-05 07:58 am (UTC)
peasant: sweet pea (0)
From: [personal profile] peasant
Interesting thoughts. And I was surprised by some of the things you list as being even possible contenders for kids fare (Animal Farm, Game of Thrones) which goes to show how subjective these things are.

I think there's something to be said for not giving a shit what other people think.
I have lived by this my whole life :D As I get older I find it is sometimes worth giving a shit because other people's viewpoints can be useful, but never exclusively so.

I watched The Muppet Show, which people thought was a kid's show. It really wasn't. It has a lot of subtle political and sexual satire in it.
I have never had the chance to watch the Muppets and I really regret it. The more I hear about it the more I realise it is Important.

What's always annoyed me about it -- is this: if it is kid's fare, and you are an adult, there seems to be something automatically wrong with you enjoying it.
Yes :(
This saddens me and I refuse to be bound by it. There are several brilliant writers who were published too late for my childhood and I am not going to deny myself the pleasure. I also revisit many of my childhood authors, both to reread the ones I knew as a child and to explore their other work. I just finished The Blue Hawk by Peter Dickinson in fact, and I got so much more from it as an adult than my earlier readings. Everything from my appreciation of the language to my understanding of the religious and political background had matured. (Also one really annoying detail - I now know enough about birds to know it isn't a hawk that he is describing! But it doesn't matter because the falcon that he describes is sooooo much better than a true hawk.)

Any good piece of literature can work in this way, regardless of the alleged target audience. That is almost the definition of high art that you get something new from it every time simply because you yourself have changed. I like the quote about Hamlet (I don't know who said it) 'You don't watch it for a few years, and when you go back you find he rewrote it'.

somehow you should be reading much harder or loftier fare, as if such a thing exists. How dare you read and be obsessed with Harry Potter! When you should be reading...I don't know Gone Girl? The latest National Book Award Winner?

Why is that?

It is because many people suffer from an intellectual inferiority complex. They do not trust that their own judgement is valid so they wish to read what others, preferably professional others such as critics or professors of literature, have judged to be good and valid. If something is for kids or from a 'lesser' genre like sci-fi, fantasy, romance or thrillers, then it is by definition 'inferior' and they are afraid to be associated with it.
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