Doctor Who - The Lie of the Land

Date: 2017-06-05 08:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] peasant
I agree with pretty much everything you have said. Some good Missy/Doctor and some good action, otherwise nothing to speak of.

I liked the discussion at the end best. It actually made the episode for me. And changed my mind about Missy/Master -- where she states that she remembers the names and faces of everyone she's killed and there are so he didn't tell her about this. Tears streaming down her face. He says how this is actually a good thing.
Yes! That was a brilliant moment. And it makes me think of all the other conversations they must have had over the last seventy years to get to this point. He is doing so much more than just keeping her in a box :)

The writer's of Doctor Who are obviously not pro-death penalty and believe in redemption -- I agree with them for the most part. Death solves nothing, unless someone is a threat and there is no other way to stop it. But I'm not sure about redemption. I've met and seen people who...well...can a sociopath truly change?

Yes, because people do grow and change with time and experience. So there is always the hope of redemption even if the frequency is incredibly low. We all struggle all the time to change ourselves for the better, and little by little we do change. Just not always as fast or as far or in the direction we had hoped for.

I think Missy can be redeemed, but she won't end up like the Doctor, and her earlier speech about if she is to become like him it will take a very long time is putting him on warning of that. In fact considering how very narrow minded the Doctor can often be, I think I will prefer the redeemed Missy to him. Spin-off show, maybe?
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