Re: What qualifies as kid fare and adult?

Date: 2017-06-05 04:57 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shadowkat

It is because many people suffer from an intellectual inferiority complex. They do not trust that their own judgement is valid so they wish to read what others, preferably professional others such as critics or professors of literature, have judged to be good and valid. If something is for kids or from a 'lesser' genre like sci-fi, fantasy, romance or thrillers, then it is by definition 'inferior' and they are afraid to be associated with it.

I think so too. Having been an English Lit Major, I got over it fast. I read all the "canonical" literature. And then whatever I could my hands on. It's so subjective. I've learned as much from a romance novel as from a classical literary novel. Or a science fiction pulp novel as a literary one.

But people get very...snobbish about it. There was a weird community on livejournal several years ago, made up of book snobs. They basically would only let people join them if they read critically acclaimed and superior fare. And reamed you if you didn't propose the right books. And I've seen this snobbery in reviews on Amazon and Good Reads as well.

It's not unlike the Television snob, who says, in a bragging tone, I never watch television, it's beneath me. And I think that compulsion does to an extent come from a superiority/inferiority complex of sorts. As if what we read or watch defines who we are or is something to brag about?

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