Re: What qualifies as kid fare and adult?

Date: 2017-06-05 05:29 pm (UTC)
peasant: sweet pea (Default)
From: [personal profile] peasant
Having been an English Lit Major, I got over it fast.

Ha ha.

I've learned as much from a romance novel as from a classical literary novel. Or a science fiction pulp novel as a literary one.

I have no education in literature at all, so I'm entirely self-taught, and I am self conscious about that when discussing literature in fandom (fandom seems to be stuffed with English Lit graduates). But I would never let it affect what I read. Reading is for pleasure, not to impress other people. And when I write I draw mostly on what I have picked up from reading not from the scraps of literature theory I have picked up.

It's not unlike the Television snob, who says, in a bragging tone, I never watch television, it's beneath me.
ha ha, yes. Years ago I had the person beside me at a dinner actually say they only had the television 'for the news and the wildlife programmes', which was so cliche I burst out laughing. I then said I watched a lot of TV and enthused wildly about some show at length. His snobbery was either only skin deep or he was a very forgiving and curious man because we ended up getting along very well.

I think that compulsion does to an extent come from a superiority/inferiority complex of sorts.
Yes, I think so. People who have done well for themselves but have limited formal education very often are incredibly shy about this sort of thing. Some in a sweet way, some in an annoyingly reverse-snobbish way.

As if what we read or watch defines who we are or is something to brag about?
Maybe for some people it is something to brag about. After all, literary novels are much harder to read, Shakespeare is incomprehensible to many, the Opera requires a greater level of concentration than a pop concert - and so on. So it is an accomplishment to read or attend such things if you ever had to struggle to understand them. They are marks of belonging to an elite club, and that does define us. They just don't realise there is a level above that where you don't need to brag or worry about what culture you enjoy because it is all so easy and always has been.

And now I'm bragging ;)
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