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Indeed I go so far as to believe that if somebody else is obsessed with something it is always worth checking that thing out at least once. Sometimes you get a miss (I will never, ever understand why people watch sports)

Agreed. Don't totally get it either. Although I do watch them on occasion. Mainly, because I'm curious about the strategy, and root, root for the home team. But mostly sports tend to bore me. Some less so. American Football or Grid-Iron Football makes no sense to me.

but sometimes you find an unexpected gem (I found Supernatural because a friend pretty much threw the show at me until it stuck and I only started watching to please her, but now it is one of my major obsessions). I keep obsessing over shows that are short-lived for some reason. It may make more sense to obsess over one, like Supernatural, that has no end in sight. ;-)

I'm alarmingly fickle. It's rare that I will watch any television show past 5-7 seasons. Or obsess with it longer than that period. If it weren't for the internet fandom, I'd have stopped obsessing over Buffy about five years prior to when I actually did. Possibly sooner. The internet really does have an influence, at least it did for me.

Sometimes I don't make it past three seasons. If it's episodic in nature? I'm usually done at two seasons, because the characters aren't evolving enough for me and I start to find the crime/monster/mystery of the week repetitive. (This happened with Elementary). For me, the characters are the most important, mythos, secondary. And if I don't feel they are evolving and their relationship is stagnant, I get bored. I'm more serial or progressive story oriented than episodic, always have been.

I also require a strong female character be in there somewhere at some point. I noticed this when I was trying to get into Supernatural. If it's just an on-going story about two guys or a team of guys, I'll eventually lose interest. Sherlock kept my interest, because they introduced female characters as a central focus from time to time. Also it wasn't that many seasons or that many episodes.

Supernatural finally lost me, because the female characters dropped by the wayside, which made sense because hello, noir horror series that is focused on male brother dynamic. But the characters themselves didn't appear to be changing that much nor was their dynamic, and I began to realize that was unlikely to change. Also, I was watching a lot of television series that competed with it which featured strong female characters and a more serialized or progressive structure. (shrugs).

It's what you look for, I think, in a series. I admit I was for a time into Supernatural, because one of my big story kinks is brother relationships. But like I said, it's rare for me to stick past six or seven seasons, unless the show evolves and people/characters change a great deal -- which only happens with serialized television shows, like Grey's Anatomy or a soap opera.

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