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Btw -- it's based on a Bill Paxton movie that was a lot darker. Can't remember the name of it.

I didn't know this. I spent a bit of time googling to try to find out which movie you meant but couldn't work it out.

I knew and I didn't, if that makes sense? I was into comics, and would notice it popping up on the letters page or discussed in comic stores. Or I noticed it with Star Wars and Star Trek, but I never really was involved with it. Even Buffy, I knew it was there, but wasn't involved until the sixth season.
Comics seems to be the gateway drug for a lot of fannish things. I never knew comics existed because you really only get comic shops in big cities so I had never seen one.

here were like-minded folks who felt the same way I did. And loved what I wrote about it...
Pretty much the same here. I googled James Marsters to find out what nationality he was, because his weird accent was driving me crazy (I thought he might be South African or Australian) and found all these people talking about the show in the same way I thought about it. I got hooked on meta discussions within a couple of weeks.

The whole idea of fanfic appalled me when I first heard about it on a Buffy message board. The idea of stealing other people's characters and ideas was so clearly BAD!!!! So I read some to find out what the fuss was about. And then I realised they were writing things in the wrong way because clearly they hadn't watched the same show as me. So I actually started writing fanfic not to fix the show but to fix other people's fanfic. Then I got hooked on that too.

I think the interaction is about 90% of the fun.
Yes :)
I'm enjoying Doctor Who so much more since I started talking about it here.

I wonder if that's ingrained in us?
I suspect so. Looking back I was drawn to the alpha male characters and apprentice alphas, and I identified with them right from the very first show I obsessed about (the old Batman and Robin). I enjoy watching lots of other types of character, including women, but it is the alpha male that will first catch and hold my attention - if I don't like him, I probably don't like the show.

Depends on why you read/watch something I guess.
It maybe depends on if you watch to identify with a character or observe a character.

Sometimes characters that attract me are generic rather than a specific representation. I like almost any version of Robin Hood. Almost any version of Batman. Almost any version of James Bond (one must obviously draw the line at Lazenby).

Okay, you guys have some really long running series! As far as I know, only a few of our soap operas and Doctor Who are as long lived. Most British shows only last a few seasons at most because actors and writers want to move on. And of course most shows have far, far fewer episodes. A 'season' of three or four episodes would not be at all unusual. You probably don't get to see many of those because it doesn't fit well with the formats needed by your channels.

One advantage is it gives our actors much wider experience of different roles.
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