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Seen two episodes of this series now...and, it's definitely interesting. Reminds me a great deal of the tv series Reign except not as melodramatic and less fantastical elements. Actually so far there are no fantastical elements, it's basically a continuation of Shakespeare, with British Shakespearean accents. And dastardly dealings aplenty.

To date?

* a beheading
* fork through a hand
* a sex scene with a whore...although fairly tame, considering ABC not HBO
* a corpse desecrated
* and a man pushed to his death.

Also lots of strategizing and intrigue. I rather like Grant Bowler of Defiance in this. And ASH is doing a lovely job of playing someone who is...deceptively wimpy, when in truth he's rather cold-blooded.

[Interrupted by a very loud cat fight outside my window. Can't see the cats, but can hear them.]

Also the actress playing very good. I'm also weirdly intrigued by the actor playing Paris, who did a nice job of pretending to be in excruciating pain.

So, the beheading and the fork through the hand were done by the Prince, who may be the weakest link in the show. Pretty, but the actor looks bewildered most of the time. The actress playing his sister, Isabella, is much more interesting. Anyhow he did both actions to maintain the peace. Crazy Montague and Capulet fighting is driving him bonkers.

Someone desecrated Romeo's corpse. This was when the Prince was having second thoughts of keeping the peace by marrying his one true love off to the Montagues. His one true love is a Capulet. But after he sees the desecrated corpse, he changes his mind and decided, he needs to marry her off, despite his feelings. (For a while, I was somewhat surprised by the change of heart. I thought, okay, if he doesn't marry her off, where is this story going, but alas, the desecration was too much for him.) It's not clear who did it...but I'm thinking maybe the Montagues or possibly Isabella got wind of the fact that the Prince had changed his mind about marrying off Rosalind, and thought, I know, I'll desecrate Romeo's body and write Death to all Montagues on the tomb wall in his blood...that'll change his mind. Except, would there be any blood several days after entombment? (I'm betting it's Isabella. She's sneaky.)

Meanwhile Lady Capulet has decided after speaking to the Priest that Juliet committed suicide because Rosalind talked her into it. (Okay, Juliet's body is found with Romeo Montague, with Count Paris wounded nearby..why do you think Juliet committed suicide you nitwit? ) Lady Capulet is highly annoying.

Lord Montague on the other hand is rather clever, he sends Benevolo off to find out why the Capulet Cathedral hasn't been fully constructed yet. And Benevolo discovers it's most likely because Lord Capulet is broke. (True, he is. And in a lot of debt. He was marrying Juliet off to Paris partly for the money and prestige.) So he cleverly rubs Capulet's nose in it -- by insisting Rosalind and Benevolo get married in the Cathedral asap. Which puts poor Lord Capulet on the spot.

As a result, Lord Capulet wanders off to discuss the problem with his architect. When the architect refuses to comply and threatens his lordship. Capulet pushes him off the scaffolding to his death. (So, now, how are you going to complete the Cathedral? I guess he could claim that it has been delayed due to the architect slipping off the scaffolding.) The Capulet's don't strike me as the brightest cogs on the planet. Entitled, but broke and stupid. While the Montagues are rather savvy in comparison.

During all this Olivia, Rosalind's sister, is rather desperately trying to save Count Paris, with the aid of Juliet's nurse. She has no idea why he's being hidden. I foresee a romance between these two.

This isn't great, but it's sort of fun. And I like the political maneuvering.

In other news...I've been watching General Hospital (which yes is daytime soap, I like to discuss it with my mom over the phone -- it gives us something else to talk about) for a while now, and...admittedly, it is a soap opera, and kids age weirdly on soap'd think the writer's would have some sense of continuity. But no.

Jossylyn Jacks was born in 2009
Spencer Cassadine was born in the 2006
Emma Drake was born in 2007
Jake Spencer was born in 2007
Cameron Spencer was born in 2004

Okay, now guess who is the oldest kid on screen right now?

Jossylyn Jacks - 14 (born in 2009)
Jake Spencer - 10 (born in 2007)
Spencer Cassadine - 12 years old (born in 2006)
Emma Drake 11 years old (2007)
Cameron Spencer 12 years old (born in 2004)

So basically the kid who was born two-five years after all the other kids, has been aged so that they are now...two-three years older than the kids born before them.

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Hmmm... I may have to check that out.


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