Date: 2017-06-11 06:24 pm (UTC)
yourlibrarian: Gwen as Queen (MERL-GwenQueen-angelqueen04)
The husband she loves, can't come to terms with his role as perpetual side-kick, seen but seldom heard.

Not only that but he apparently married her at the urging of his family for status. At this point given the decades they have been together, who's to say if their marriage was the best thing for both of them or not. But it was good for the story, I think, to demonstrate that successful or prominent women never get support from their husbands the way women more routinely do so the other way around so that marriages are much the same as ever, and we haven't progressed much at all.

Regarding your question, I gather that they were not torn apart by the decision so much as the enforced separation (which, essentially, served its purpose in turning their attention elsewhere) and it's very doubtful that Edward and Elizabeth spoke about this or other issues. However since the story is centrally about Elizabeth I'm guessing Margaret's dilemma was framed this way to create the isolation you cited and also give more weight to her role as sovereign.

BTW, I think your comment about how the art arc is in some ways a commentary on the whole series is a really interesting one. Maybe link this post to [community profile] tv_talk? There must be some other viewers of it there.

There were a few thing I found fascinating about the series, such as the episode about the London poisonings, and its reference to the Pennsylvania incident, which I don't remember ever hearing about before. Disturbingly timely given Trump's very recent rollbacks of EPA regulations >:( It also made me think of recent reports of China's growing panic over its pollution problems and the way some families have evacuated their children out of cities for their health.

In fact, generally much of The Crown resonated with more recent controversies and clashes -- at least recent within my lifetime. I also found fascinating the information about Elizabeth's lack of education. No idea what sort of education expected kings got and she grew up never expecting to wear the crown. But even so, it's rather shocking how little practical knowledge she had. I thought that part got rather truncated as we never learn how long she kept the tutor and how far she progressed.
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