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Interesting, thank you.

You perhaps should not put the weight on the Church of England that you do. I am fairly sure the church will have been expressing the mood of the class of society they represent - what is often called 'middle England' (a

You really need to watch the series. Because once you do, you'll understand what I said above much better. The episode indicts the Church of England. As I state, above, I've no idea how true the indictment is. Just that after watching the episode, I had an overwhelming desire to kick the Church of England.

This is what happens.

Elizabeth desperately wants to help her sister and keep her promise. So she takes the Prime Minister up to the top of the mountain where Margaret and Townsend met in secret. Showing him the number of stones they'd set down to honor their meetings. The Prime Minister says there are four people in Parliment against it. So Elizabeth tells him that Parliment has several men who are divorced and remarried including himself. Margaret and Elizabeth discuss how the "British Public" is fully behind the marriage. (I can believe that since the people in Wales that I visited in the 1980s were fully behind Edward and Mrs. Wallis).
And all the news reels show it -- they actually used the real ones, apparently. The Prime Minister returns to Elizabeth and says the problem is the Church of England doesn't support it. And since she is the head of the Church, she must follow it's dictates.
So she brings in the Church of England. And they patiently explain the whole sacrament of marriage bit and how she must uphold their definition.

So she finally goes to Edward, who experience the same thing and is the whole reason she became Queen and why her father made her promise her sister and him to not let anything come between them. Edward states she has no choice in the matter.
That she isn't a woman, but a queen. A half-person. They all are.

So she tells Margaret she can't allow it as head of the Church of England.

The whole episode is an indictment of the Church of England and it's marriage doctrine. It really is. It goes out of its way to show how this doctrine destroyed Margaret for no reason.

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