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Also the monarchy serves an important political role, providing us with a head of state who is above and outside politics.

The series does go a long way towards explaining this. We don't have anything like that in our culture nor an equivalent. There's a reason why -- and it is explained in the biography "Hamilton" along with the musical.

The reason is simply this -- the people who fought the revolutionary war did not want king or monarchy in any form. In fact they were opposed to a centralized government and wanted each terrirtory or state to govern itself solely. Alexander Hamilton fought hard with the Federalist Papers to change their minds.

We may have ended up with a monarchy, but George Washington, the first President, didn't want it. The Addams did want it, they wanted a ruling class, they believed that not everyone was meant to rule, and not everyone was meant to be educated. That the class system was there for a reason. Jefferson, more of an idealist, along with Franklin did not. Nor did Hamilton.

Because of the way the US came into being...we do not have the equivalent.
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