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The Addams did want it, they wanted a ruling class, they believed that not everyone was meant to rule, and not everyone was meant to be educated. That the class system was there for a reason. Jefferson, more of an idealist, along with Franklin did not. Nor did Hamilton.

This debate sounds ridiculous to modern sensitivities, but it makes more sense in the context of a highly religious society. If someone is born to rule then they have essentially been chosen by God, so they clearly have a better right than someone chosen by mere ballot. So what you are actually seeing in this debate is the continuation of the dispute that had been running through British society since the Civil War, as to the divine right of kings. Many of your early settlers had strong cultural connections to the people who largely formed the Parliamentarian side in the war. Indeed Oliver Cromwell himself almost emigrated to America at one point (and just think how it would have changed history if he had!). So this debate amongst your founding fathers is a resolution of that debate in a very clean and final fashion.

We had already resolved the issue during the late 17th century and into the 18th, but we did it in a far more complex fashion, creating the intricate balance of monarchy and elected representatives that survives to this day. It works for us, and so far it has nearly always worked incredibly well, but nobody could describe it as simple or easy to understand.
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