Date: 2017-06-14 12:12 pm (UTC)
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painting landscapes is safer than painting people. Landscapes don't talk back and get upset with how they've been painted. And it's safer writing about dead or fictional characters than the living.

Ha ha. I like that!

I'm not sure history can ever be entirely accurate through the lense of those interpreting it. Bias will always skew it one way or another.
Absolutely. There is also the factor of how much space a show or film can afford to explain complex matters. And even if we could have a show that recreated a perfectly authentic plot in a perfect setting, presented by actors who had studied every aspect of their performance for period veracity - the audience could never watch it other than with modern eyes.

Besides, is there even such a thing as a single truthful accurate history to be represented? Even stories set ten years ago show that other people experienced the same period in different ways to what I was experiencing.

irritated with the musical's inaccuracies
This would probably be me. If I know anything about a period my eye just latches onto any inaccuracies and I can't ignore them.

they aren't taking the musical that seriously and just see it as fun.
Something to aim for :)
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