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I'm actually more worried about pissing you off, to be honest. ;-) I can be a bit opinionated and didatatic without meaning to be.

I am now wondering what you mean by 'left' in religious terms.

Best to define by example:

I'm Unitarian Universalist - which is considered the far Christian Left. In religious terms? Not as ritualistic ( our major rituals are lighting candles of joy or concern (instead of communion), a flower communion in celebration of the Czechs fighting against the Nazis and winning, Juneteenth Celebration (abolition of slavery), a strong focus on human rights and social justice) , more intellectual, more inclusive (ie. whoever you love, whatever you practice, however you look, whatever your ethnicity or nationality - all are welcome here. Well, except those who hate.) UU's were amongst the first to celebrate same-sex marriage. And we did the Vagina Monologues in our Chapel to raise money for victims of intimate violence.

The Christian Left is strong on social justice, and it's mission statement is "Standing on the Side of Love". Religious services are music, community announcements, wisdom story, sermon, readings...and we get our religious teachings from various religious texts, including Buddhist philosophy, Wiccan, etc. It's Christian, but doesn't take the Bible as literally as most of the faiths do. And depending on which UU church you are in, it can be more Christian based or Cultural Humanist (I'm not Cultural Humanist -- that's farther left), or a bit of everything. We've had Soltice Celebrations for example.

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