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Hmm..reminds me a little of the Episcopalin churches that I've been too. I'd always thought CoE was more Catholic in structure, due to the nuns. Although maybe the Anglican Church and CoE aren't the same? My knowledge of CoE is admittedly limited to Call the Midwife and various television shows -- which is highly unreliable.

It is true, here , as well, each church depends on the Minister/Priest and/or congregation -- they set the tone. For example - some UU churches are cultural humanist, some more Christian based with more formal singing, others, more informal. Ours is heavy into music -- but it's more gospel, Broadway, classical and choral. Works for me, but not so much for one of my friends who prefers more classical/choral arrangements. Some UU's feel more like Fellowships.

Catholic is similar over here, as are really all the denominations -- it really depends on the people inside the church.

My Dad used to play a game with me as a small child in church -- he'd fold his fingers making a church, "here's the church", then make a steeple, "here's the steeple", then open them and wraggle his fingers, "open up the doors and here's all the people" -- telling me even back then that people make up a church.

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