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Okay so terminology: The Anglican Communion is the worldwide church, of which the US branch is the Episcopalian and the English one is the Church of England. They all use very similar rights but with a few local differences (I assume the Americans do not say 'O Lord, save the Queen' during the responses!) I've never been to a US Episcopalian service so I don't know how it differs.

Within the CoE there is quite a bit of variation between Low Anglican and High Anglican. The really high churches are called Anglo-Catholic and they are very similar to the Roman Catholics. (And if you've ever tried to sing through a fog of incense you will appreciate the difference - that stuff burns the back of the throat like nobody's business!) But most normal Anglican churches aren't like that.

I've only watched Call the Midwife once so I can't really tell you how useful it is as a reference point :D

Ours is heavy into music -- but it's more gospel, Broadway, classical and choral. Works for me, but not so much for one of my friends who prefers more classical/choral arrangements.
That sounds fun. I am always in awe of your gospel choirs. I can't do anything without sheet music in front of me.

telling me even back then that people make up a church.
Yes :)
Before you get the wrong idea, I'd better tell you that I am not actually a member of the Church of England. I take part in a lot of services because I sing in the choirs. So I'm not a pillar of the church so much as a buttress - supporting it from the outside :)

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