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You just like to sing in choirs? ;-)

I can't sign -- even in a choir. Tone death. There are only a few songs that I can sort of sing -- gospel I can do, for example, anything low register. My voice is a low alto. Can't hear or process the higher notes to even attempt to replicate them. Nor will my voice go there. (It's not a physical thing so much as how my mind processes information. Hard to explain. But it's not breath. Also there's the slight issue of being unable to remember lyrics or a tune to save my life. Often I can remember the words, but the tune is lost to me.)

The Anglican Communion is the worldwide church, of which the US branch is the Episcopalian and the English one is the Church of England.

This explains a lot. My mother was Episcopalian until she met my Dad and converted to Catholicism. I've been to the Episcopal churches -- they tend to be beautiful stone and stained glass. Also more laid-back than Catholic, you can have female ministers in the Episcopalian in the US. And they support in most cases LGBTQ rights.

But I thought they'd originated in Scotland? I'm probably confusing it with Calvinists, who are very different? I've been to all of them at one point or another, but over time my brain has blurred a lot of them together.

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