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Yes, I love to sing. And there is something very special about singing a service.

I you can sing some things you are not tone deaf. If your voice is low register alto then it is normal not to be able to get the higher notes and for them to have no logical meaning in your brain - the connection between the brain imagining a note and the vocal chords being able to reproduce it works both ways.

Also there's the slight issue of being unable to remember lyrics or a tune to save my life. Often I can remember the words, but the tune is lost to me.

I have a really bad memory for music too. Hence my reliance on the sheet music. I have literally sung something in a concert one night and not recognised it on the radio the next morning. Its just the way my brain works. Fortunately it has made me a very good sight reader and doesn't effect my performance as long as I'm not expected to do anything from memory.

you can have female ministers in the Episcopalian in the US. And they support in most cases LGBTQ rights.
We have female and gay clergy. There is still some disagreement about allowing gay marriage, because the church is trying to avoid schism with the socially conservative Anglican churches in Africa. They have been kicking that can down the road for years now and sadly there is still no real resolution in sight.

they tend to be beautiful stone and stained glass
One of the biggest advantages the Anglicans have in this country is they inherited all the old churches and cathedrals. So there is a wonderful heritage of architecture, and the liturgy has grown up around those churches taking advantage of their geography and acoustics. Singing an Anglican service in the choir stalls in one of the great cathedrals is a true privilege.
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