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Actually Grisham was the only legal thriller writer that I enjoyed.
More or less the only profession that seems to enjoy reading stories about itself is the writing profession. Which is quite telling.

Name a favorite character from a Victorian novel?

Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre.

Why him in particular?

Mystery Genre -- The Ice House by Minnette Walters - novel about three ladies who find a body on their property and their interactions with the police regarding it, and why it happened. Walters is more interested in the motivations behind the people who committed the murder, and often they are the protagonists.

Yes! I used to read quite a lot of mystery novels and they are mostly fairly humdrum but Walters is exceptional. I'm sure she would be much better known if she wrote a series, since people seem to like series in crime especially.

Have you ever read any Ellis Peters? She is the best of the historical mystery writers.
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