Jan. 1st, 2017

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Everything but my icons made it over to DW. Well one made it over. Not a problem. Needed updating anyhow. The mass exodus to DW after the confirmation about LJ moving its servers to Russia was rather funny. "ACK Russia may delete all our content, hack and/or censor us! I know, let's all hop over to dreamwidth, Stat!" Whoosh! 100,000 new subscriptions in a day. DW was a bit blown away by it, but in a good way. Apparently most of the influx was Russian and Ukraine users. Although not everyone migrated. (Whether or not you migrated or mirrored your content probably has a lot to do with how often you post and how much you care about your content?)

Hopefully this will cross-post since the other posts failed to.

I spent last night binge-watching Once Upon a Time, after attempting to watch Poldark. The first episode of Season 2 Poldark did not hold my attention for some reason. Too much brooding, not enough forward momentum. So chose to skip all the episodes in between and watch the final one. Since my mother spoiled me on the plot this wasn't a problem. Yep, too much brooding music and montages and not enough action. The series has serious pacing issues, it makes The Crown and Downton Abbey seem rather fast-paced by comparison.

Yes, I'm using this weekend or rather the past week to tear through the 42 some hours of saved television episodes on my DVR. Deleting 9 episodes of Poldark, after only watching two, helped considerably.

OUAT was...better than expected. Had a few interesting twists. Somewhat disappointed with the direction they took Rumple and Belle's kid. He turns out to be the villain. Also, poor Rumple, he has the worst parents. Peter Pan and the Dark Fairy. (What, Tinkerbell wasn't available? OR maybe it was Tinkerbell?) Meanwhile, Regina and Emma are stuck in the Wishverse that the Evil Queen (Regina's split off alter ego) wished Emma into. Not to worry, the Evil Queen got what she deserved, Rumple and Belle's kid turned her into a chained cobra and stuck her in a cage. So Killion is the son of the dark one and raised by the dark fairy, oh joy. Regina and Emma are stuck, because instead of jumping through the portal back to Storybrook when they had the chance, Regina got distracted by the Wishverse's version of Robin Hood. So let the portal close. Oh, and Snow and Charming are kept apart by a pesky sleeping curse -- when one is asleep, the other is awake. Not sure why they didn't just use Aladdin's lamp to undue the curse? Possibly because they were worried about potential side-effects. And it's too easy from a writer's perspective.

Also saw the fall season finale of Timeless (they do that now, fall season finales, go on hiatus for two months, then come back again. Sometimes just a month). Not sure why television series are afraid of airing in December and January, but they are. (Well, no, I do know. It's about sweeps. They have about 22 episodes, and they have to make sure the better ones air during the sweeps months, when advertisers check to see who is watching and air expensive commercials.) They do need to change that show up a bit, and they sort of did with the finale. Now we're chasing Flynn and Lucy, who he kidnapped. Although I'm not quite sure why he kidnapped her. Maybe to stop her from continuously getting in his way? (shrugs)

Saw The Doctor Who Christmas Special aka "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" -- which was quite funny in places. Sort of Moffat's sardonic take on invasion of the body snatchers meets superman.

Lucy: "Tell me who the Ghost is!"
The Doctor: "You seem to be rather clever, Mrs. Lombard, why haven't you figured it out for yourself by now?"
Lucy:" I know you know."
The Doctor (looking at The Ghost aka Lucy's nanny, Grant): "The question is why don't you?"
Lucy: "Tell me."
The Doctor looking at Grant who is shaking his head: "I'm sorry, some situations are just too stupid to be allowed to continue."

Grant takes off. Did take me a while to figure out who the fat bald-headed guy following The Doctor about was. I'd skipped most of the Peter Capadali/Clara arc. Did see the Many Husbands of River Song, so knew he was tucked away with River for about 24-25 years, until she had to go to The Library to die. So, now, he's a bit empty and sad, also rather cynical. Capadali works better for cynical and worldly than the past two doctors did. Each one is a bit different.

Watched Designate Survivor -- which a co-worker loves. Mainly because we both secretly want that to actually happen. (The premise is that during a state of a union address everyone but the designated survivor (a cabinet member) and a congresswoman, dies in a bombing of the Capital.) Yes, you know things have reached a sorry state with your federal when you sort of think the Designate Survivor premise isn't a bad idea. Hey, do that. Of course with our luck, the designated survivor would be someone like Sarah Palin. The television show itself isn't bad -- except once again, much like The West Wing, I like the guy playing the President better than our new President-Elect. Can we please have Keifer Sutherland's Tom Kirkman instead of DJT??? Please? With sugar on top? Damn.

Now watching Younger which is rather spot-on satire of the print publishing industry in NYC. It brings back memories...and makes me happy that I jumped careers and industries in my 30s.

May jump to Netflix soon to either watch The Crown or Sense8.

Should work on my book. Should do a lot of things. But hey, I need a people free, lazy weekend.
Going to be a busy couple of months.


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