Feb. 13th, 2017

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Posted this on FB, but it bears repeating:

Write or post whatever you please on social media, just keep in mind the following:

1). It's akin to standing on a soap box in the middle of Times Square or posting on a bulletin board there, don't be surprised if everyone including your Mom sees it. (probably helps if you don't friend your Mom on FB or set up an account under an alias.)

2) People may hate or love you for it, most likely both, and even if it's just a dumb cat video or personality quiz/meme.

3) People may defriend you, or you'll find people you never heard of friending you, one or the other.

4) If you post whatever you please, even if its just personal videos of you cat or dog or baby, be tolerant of other people doing it too...if you don't want to see their posts, there's this nifty arrow button at the top of each post that allows you to hide them. Filter works on DW and LJ or just scroll on by. Much less painful then kicking them for it. [Been there, done that. Never productive. And usually backfires.]

5) It's highly likely that no matter what you post you are going offend someone and/or make someone else very happy -- probably at the same time. (I saw a post last night for example that made other people happy but me, miserable - and no it wasn't about politics or the idiotic 45th. It was actually a platitude about if you are friends for seven years it will last forever...sigh, if only that were true for everyone. It's really not. On the plus side? A day later, I read a post by mamacunluna that talked about how it was best not to attach to things or people that brought you joy, but to the joy itself, and the feeling and the moment, understanding the moment will not last and that's okay. And all things and our relationships to them and people and events are temporary, but the joy ...itself...is something to be relived.)

6) Expect controversy, arguments, and potential kerfuffles...people like to argue, it makes them happy. {This is the nature of social media....and why sometimes I miss letters or snail mail correspondence. We tended to be more careful when it took forever to get the mail and respond. )
Oh, and also expect fact-checking, because people love to correct one another. This is actually a good thing, with all the horrible fake news and misinformation flying about.


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