Feb. 16th, 2017

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1. Well, deleted the eight and counting episodes of Lethal Weapon from the DVR tonight...I think if there were less tv shows on that I enjoyed watching, or I hadn't seen the movies, or I had more time, I'd have stuck with it. But alas, none of the above is the case. Plus, for some reason or other I prefer soapy serials, science-fiction, family dramas, musicals, and fantasy shows to cop dramas and procedurals. I've no clue why, but there it is.

2. In other television news...

All the shows I like or watch semi-regularly seem to have survived the cancellation fairy. Or should that be the ax?

* Crazy Ex-Girl Friend survived -- somewhat shocked by this, I was sure it was going to get cancelled. It had horrific ratings this year. But I think it does a very good job of shining a bright light on our societal ills. So, I think we need it right now, like La La Land -- it's relevant.

* The Good Place -- also surprised me by surviving, and like Crazy Ex, I think it shines a light on what is problematic in our society. And is rather clever about it's satire.

Both are existential satires by the way, which satirize romantic relationships, friendships, and success in rather fascinating ways.

* Lucifier - also surprising. Okay maybe not that much.

They don't know about The 100, The Catch, Riverdale, Timeless, Star.

This is Us is safe. Once Upon a Time looking good. And well, if it's in the top of the Neilsens or nominated for an award, it isn't going anywhere (see Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, NCIS)

I think No Tomorrow and Frequency are goners, not surprised at all. I gave up on them. Vampire Diaries is ending, as is Bones, and Reign (I thought Reign had ended some time ago...).

3. I am enjoying bits and pieces of Timeless but won't be shocked if it gets the ax. It has issues. Although, I think, of the three time travel dramss on television in 2016-2017, it's probably the most innovative and least annoying. (Time After Time based on the film of the same name, about HG Wells tracking Jack the Ripper in the future...doesn't enthrall me. I didn't like the original movie all that much, only watched it for Malcolm McDowell. Also, I'm bloody sick and tired of the serial killer trope and the Jack the Ripper trope -- it's been overdone. And it is soo..90s.)

Timeless also felt the need to play with the serial killer trope, but short-lived. Or rather two episodes. And in both scenarios, it wasn't the main story, so much as a commentary on the heroes handling of the problem in relation to the antagonist similar handling of a problem. I like the introduction of the new female character on the antagonist's end of things. I call Flynn the antagonist, because he's a bit ambiguous. That's another thing I like about the series -- the antagonist's are rather ambiguous. They aren't out and out villains.

That said, it...isn't witty enough. There's something...lacking. Not sure what, but I find it...dull at times. And my attention wavers. Also, the plots often feel rather contrived. And the actors/characters don't quite captivate. Flynn is probably the most charismatic, and he's the villain. With Rufus a close second. I should care more about Lucy than I do. The series lacks a certain edge. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly. Feel the same way about a lot of television series, to be honest. So it may just be me?

Did like Ernest Hemingway in the last episode, but that's only because I like the actor, a little known soap opera actor. Who I think has more screen presence than Wyatt or Lucy.

4. I think Shaun Cassidy may be involved with Emerald City, which is interesting. [ETA - to clarify, I think this is interesting because Cassidy wrote American Gothic and tends to do dark twisty fantasy well. Not because he is a former pop star that I had a crush on as a teenager.]

5. On the news front? I've discovered NY Times podcasts -- a quick and painless way to get news updates. Because honestly, the newsfeeds are crazy inducing. I thought last year was bad, it was relatively tame in comparison to this year. We can't go a day without the 45th making an ass out of himself. Seriously, I can't quite decide who is more deluded, the 45th or the fools still supporting the 45th. Apparently the 45th had a news conference, where he insisted all factual evidence to the contrary that he had a 54% approval rating, and the biggest electoral college win in the last 50 years (discounting of course Obama, Regan, both Bushes, and Clinton...not to mention Nixon), and oh, that Obama had left him with a colossal mess. (Yes, apparently the economy is in the toilet, and everything sucks...worse than it ever ever did.)

If you can't figure out who I'm talking about.or what..count yourself lucky. I would like to join you under your rock.

Read in the news that Sweden had found a way to do away with rubbish, it recycles all of it. I thought, okay, that's it, I'm moving to Sweden. It may be just far enough away...only problem is I doubt they'd accept me, I'd need to find some nice Swedish man or woman (not overly picky) to either adopt me or marry me. Prefer a man, being heterosexual.


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