Feb. 18th, 2017

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What I despise about taking trips places is I can never figure out what to pack, what bags to use and to frigging bring with me. I wish I had one of those magical Mary Poppins or Harry Potter carpet bags, where everything including a coat rack fit inside.

Saw the musical Hair last night at a local repertory theater for about $25. It was way way off Broadway, in a small chapel turned theater in the midst of Brooklyn Heights. Sort of tucked away actually -- I had to work to find it. The theater is in the basement of the building, and in a round. The audience sits on three sides, with the performers in the middle on the ground. Overall a good presentation, just had a little trouble hearing some of the songs.

The stage musical is very different from the 1979 film version, for one thing, Claude goes to War, not Berger, and Sheila is a protester, not a rich gal from the upper east side. The makers of the musical disowned the film. The musical is a series of vignettes that revolve around a tribe of hippies in NYC during the late 1960s -- protesting the Vietnam War. The movie focuses on fish out of water, farm boy, Claude, happening upon the hippies in Central Park and his coming of age story.
In both, Claude is the central character. Except in the film version, Treat Williams was apparently a better singer than Jon Savage, so got both Claude and Berger's songs.

I was prepared for it being a series of vignettes, and hadn't seen the film version since the 1990s, so...I didn't get confused.

I enjoyed it. It's still relevant after all this time. Brought flashbacks of my Junior year in college, where I was oddly dating someone who reminded me a bit too much of Berger. So, yeah, I sort of did the Hippie thing in College. Except they were called granolas in the 1980s. Not to be confused with Hipsters -- which is the 21st Century take on Yuppie. Although I think we're shifting back to the Hippie/Granola bit at the moment.

There were moments that sent a chill down my spine -- and other's in which I wanted to jump up and dance. Also...I'm not sure this is necessarily a good or bad thing, that musical has at least five serious "ear-worm" songs in it. I have not been able to get the following songs out of my head since I saw it...they are running on a continuous loop, taking turns:

* Manchester England, England
* Hair
* Good Morning Starshine
* Let the Sunshine in
* Age of Aquarius

In other news...I've decided the word of the decade may be "trumpery" -- yes, it is an actual word. No, I didn't make it up. No, it wasn't coined recently. It dates back to Middle English and French.

1425-75; late Middle English trompery deceit < Middle French tromperie, equivalent to tromp (er) to deceive + -erie -ery.

So the next time the 45th says anything, just call it "trumpery".


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