Apr. 1st, 2017

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1. According to Time Magazine, which tends to be reliable, Joss Whedon has signed on to write and direct the Batgirl movie.


* It shouldn't be much of a creative stretch considering he did Batman Angel the Series. (Which was basically Batman with fangs.) Also Buffy, which the description of Batgirl sort of resembles..."Barbara Gordon is in graduate school, after undergoing experimental surgery for a spinal injury...think Veronica Mars meets Buffy in a hip Brooklyn version of Gotham" -- (hmmm, hipster Brooklyn is basically Williamsburg. (think trendy, crowded, over-priced, with a lot of people who are mid-20s/early 30s, with beards, tattoos, and white.)

* I read some of the "twitter" criticism embedded in the article. Right now "twitter" is where everyone whinges over things. Which is good, because it's rather easy to avoid. I'm on twitter, I just rarely post or pay attention to it. I find it difficult to follow.

The twitter criticism is basically what you would expect:

1. Why can't Whedon do anything original???
2. Why can't they get a woman director???
3. Batgirl??? What about Batwoman???

Anyhow...twitter criticism is valid.

somewhat lengthy, highly opinionated discourse on the above, may or may not piss folks off...one can never tell )

2. The national news continues to bewilder and amuse me...it's so absurd, I'm not sure we need April Fool's day.

Yesterday's news headlines...
cut because if you don't have a snarky sense of humor they will piss you off )


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