Apr. 2nd, 2017

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All week long, actually all month long...I feel like I've been using the word "but" in just about every conversation, regardless of who it is with or where.

And it's getting annoying. I realized it today while at church. I'd gone to listen to a Muslim scholar and Muslim religious leader speak. Sat next to MD who I hadn't seen in a while. And throughout our snippets of conversation, his sermon, the service, and the religious ed class that I took afterwards..I kept saying "but".

Also all week long, every discussion I had at work with my boss and others...involved...you guessed it, the word "but". With my boss, I'd say "but -", he'd say "no, buts, it's this -" and I'd try to say "but" again and authoritatively, he'd shut me down. This may explain the residual desire to say but.

MD asked if the new commute was easier now that I was back in Jamaica, and I'm like, yes, "but" it's 30 minutes longer.

Buffy was my favorite show..but...it was poorly executed at times.

The book I just read was entertaining but I was disappointed in the lack of character development and use of language.

I liked the sermon today but wish it had been less political and more about the Muslim faith.

I'd be proactive but...the ways of being proactive aren't working for me.

See? But face.


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