Apr. 3rd, 2017

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So, the contract lawyer in me is balking at the new LJ user agreement. Possibly because the English translation isn't valid, only the Russian version is, which means good luck getting that to hold up in US or international courts. There's a general rule that if the user can't read the language, you can't enforce it, particularly if the internationally recognized language is English. (Sorry, Russia, it's not Russian, it's English, and possibly Spanish.) It's a jurisdictional nightmare. And it's vague in various spots. I can see sort of legal issues...

What concerns me? The ability to reuse my content willy-nilly, and/or block it willy-nilly, which to be fair they've always been able to do - regardless of the agreement. Copyright ownership on social media is a slippery slope. People can legitimately cut and past from you without you knowing it. You are, like it or not, posting from the center of Time's Square.

Also, a little unnerved by the fact that we're not protected by the consumer's right act and responsible for security.

I don't know if I will sign it. I transferred my blog over here some time ago and have been more or less cross-posting ever since. The only things not cross-posted are the photos. I may sign and then delete the whole thing in four months. With everything over here. No cross-posting.

I tend to talk to folks over here more than over there anyhow.

What do you think? Thoughts? Any contract lawyers other than me on this thing?


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