Apr. 11th, 2017

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1,Scandal has gone over the top again... a character gets shot in the chest three times, put in the trunk of a Camry, the Camry is driven off a cliff into a lake. The character comes to, manages somehow to kick his way of the trunk of the car, into the car, and then burst the window with one of the car's head rests. He surfaces, swims to shore, which is about a mile or so. Then drags his way up the shoreline. At this point his lost a lot of blood. Hours later people find him, take him to the hospital, where they are told he will either die or have serious brain deficits. He's not exactly with it to begin with.

And I'm thinking...is he Super-Man or something? I mean seriously, if it were anyone else, they'd be dead by now.

Crazy show.

2. The news continues to be absurd. I'm wondering if it was always absurd, but I just didn't notice?
Possibly. Right now the following groups are competing over which has the worst Public Relations situation:

As found on FB:

Uber: "We're going to have the worst PR situation of the first half of 2017!"
Pepsi: "Hold my Pepsi"
United: "Not so fast, Pepsi"
*lights go dark*
*terrifying organ music plays*

[No one appears to know where this originated.]

You know we live in interesting times when our government is in a neck to neck race for worst public relations gaffs of the year with various customer service agencies.

Just to be clear, it's rather easy to boycott Uber, Pepsi, and United, it's not like they don't have oodles of competitors that you can purchase instead. I personally use Lyft, haven't drank colas or pepsi in ages (actually the last time I drank a Pepsi was in the 1990s, never really been a fan -- it tasted a bit like New Coke, which I didn't like either, although to be fair haven't had a Coke since 2003 or thereabouts), I avoid United like the plague...I hate that airline - they either lose your bags, overbook, or cancel. (Jetblue or Delta, don't mind US Air, but I think they may have merged with United.)

Unfortunately it's not quite that easy to boycott our government. So, I just avoid the broadcast media, and get my news via feeds, NY Times, or NY1.

I do sort of feel sorry for the PR reps for those companies. I mean talk about a Public Relations Nightmare.

3. Speaking of nightmares...last night I dreamed that I went on a weird camping trip with family, brought all the wrong things, and sliced off my left kneecap, then pasted it back on, but it wouldn't stick and I keep pressing until it did -- then I woke up. Somewhat relieved, and somewhat bewildered by the whole thing. I think my body is trying to tell me something or my subconscious is, just no idea what.

4. Regarding social media. Rather proud of myself. I've managed to cut down my social media presence to four sources. I was on close to eight. But I never really went back to IMZY (I don't understand it), Tumblr - I find headache inducing, so gave up on it some time ago, and now I've kicked LJ to the curb.
This leaves me with FB, Twitter, Dreamwidth and Wordpress. Kudos. It was admittedly getting difficult following both LJ and DW, I knew I had to just pick one eventually. My entire journal except for a smattering of entries was backed up. The Costa Rica pics are gone, but they are on my computer and FB, so no big.


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