Apr. 24th, 2017

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1. Cancelled Feud: Bette and Joan from the DVR, it's too heavy-handed in its themes. A difficulty I have with the writing team of Brad Palchuck and Ryan Murphy is their lack of subtly. They feel a need to hammer you over the head with things. I'm either bored or irritated.

2. Co-worker, who had lent me The Witches of Karres, which I still haven't gotten around to reading, suggested another book -- this one is entitle "A Twist in Time" which is the sequel to "A Murder in Time" -- which is about an FBI agent who journeys back to the 1800s or thereabouts, and runs into a murder mystery. The first book involves a serial killer -- who is in the present and past, not sure if it is the same one or not. And the second, which looks more interesting, is about the death of Lady, that the protagonist's lover is framed for. I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and they aren't very promising -- describe it as a decent YA romantic mystery sci-fi novel, with a lead character who is a bit of a "mary sue" and not a lot of good character development. Also it's the time travel trope, which coworker likes, but tends to annoy me.

There's only one or two television series that have utilized time travel that worked for me and they are:

Sarah Connor Chronicles
Doctor Who

Everything else plays loose and fast with the rules, and doesn't seem to have any sense of consistency or consequence. In short they use it as plot device or gimmick, while Doctor Who and Sarah Connor actually explore the science of it in some depth.

Books? I'm similarly picky about. To date the only one's that have done it in a way that I appreciated were Kate Atkinson in Life After Life, and Connie Willis in The Doomsday Book, because both explored it in an interesting way. I preferred Connie Willis to Atkinson, who I found a bit gimmicky -- she's making the same mistakes with The Catch that she did with Life After Life, btw.
I also liked how Ray Bradbury dealt with it in "Sound of Thunder". And, oh, by far my favorite, was Jack Finney in Time After Time. Have you ever read Jack Finney? He wrote the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" -- which I think I still own, somewhere. I have my books secreted in various spots in my apartment. Hidden from view and from myself, making it difficult for me to find them and read them.

I tried to tell co-worker that I don't like serial killer plot lines. And had avoided the television series "Time After Time" because of that. But he didn't listen to me and foisted the book on me anyhow. Although to be fair, he foisted the sequel, which doesn't deal with a serial killer.


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