May. 5th, 2017

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1. I'm enjoying "Witches of Karres" -- it's not the book's fault that I keep going to sleep on the train. Has zip to do with it. I'm just tired. Or my mind keeps wandering and telling itself a somewhat erotic sci-fi story. The commute is not always the most conducive for reading -- for one thing there are lots of noisy distractions.
about what I'm reading next or rather not reading next and why )

2. Best Books Every Written Meme Anyhow, Good Reads came up with another book list, some of their selections once again make me wonder about the folks on Good Reads and people in general. But I've been wondering about people a lot lately. I think people have gone crazy, too much media. Everyone needs to take a month long vacation to some destination that does not have any access to internet, social media, news, phones, television or any of that stuff. Also maybe away from other people.

Best Books Ever According to Good Reads

At any rate, forget about that list, all it did was motivate me to write up my own list of best books ever written...many of which I have not exactly read. (So you are probably asking yourself this question right about now, how in the hell do I know it was the best ever written if I haven't bothered to read it? Well it appears to have lasting value, and I trust the folks who think it has...and I want to read it, and it's my meme. Go create your own.)

Rules of Meme, should you choose to play.

*. Come up with a list of books that you want to rec to people that you believe/think are the best books ever written (Granted this list may tell people more than you want them to know about you as a person...)

* It can be any book that has been written and published (this includes independently published books and self-published, it doesn't just have to be traditionally published works. But don't include fanfic published only on the internet. It needs to have been actually published as a book that is printed on paper.)

* You don't have to have read the book, but it does help if you know what it is about and whether you want to read it. You should be able to defend the choice on some level -- say you saw the movie? That helps. It's not the Best Books You've EVER Read, it's the Best Books Ever Written, after all.

* You can only include "one" book by an author. In other words, you can't take up ten entries with Harry Potter, or ten entries with Shakespeare Plays, or four entries with Tolkien books. You have to choose "one" work by that writer. Just one. (It's a lot harder than it sounds.) Although you can cheat and put "The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien" or "the Complete Works of William Shakespeare" if you so desire. Just don't have them take up more than one spot.

Okay, here's my list of best books written and everyone should try these, in no particular order because I hate ranking things

100 Best Books Ever Written )

So, what are yours?

Going to bed, fighting a sinus headache from hell.


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