May. 30th, 2017

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1. Well this is odd, my google chrome extension that is supposed to be turning Trump pictures into kittens on social media sites, is randomly turning pictures of other people into kittens. Such as photos of Buffy cast members and writers in friends recaps of Whedoncon. (ie. Instead of photos of Nick Brendan, David Fury, Tim Minear and Mark Lutz, I've photos of kittens.) While it appears to be leaving Trump alone.

2. Co-worker, DPL, told me today that she thought the world of me, and wanted my help on a huge design/construction project she'd been given. And was going to ask that my boss assign me to help her and supervise her on it. Made my day. Particularly considering the last three weeks.

Same co-worker had read and written a glowing review of my novel.

3. I downloaded the Wonder Woman script by Joss Whedon. More out of curiousity than anything else. It's gotten really bad reviews. People do not like that script. I sort of feel sorry for Whedon. He's gotten a lot of bad press lately. Also how would you feel if a rejected script that you wrote got released to the internet without your permission? (Makes me happy I'm not in that business. You have to have incredibly thick skin.)

OTOH -- he does get to pitch hit for the Justice League Movie and do the film Batgirl.



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