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Ha ha. Well it is certainly convenient that I got hooked on what turned into the longest running American sci-fi show ever

Supernatural isn't sci-fi, more...dark urban fantasy or horror/noir. Btw -- it's based on a Bill Paxton movie that was a lot darker. Can't remember the name of it.

Prior to Buffy I didn't know such a thing as fandom or fanfic existed, but then I only looked on the internet because I was obsessed in the first place.

I knew and I didn't, if that makes sense? I was into comics, and would notice it popping up on the letters page or discussed in comic stores. Or I noticed it with Star Wars and Star Trek, but I never really was involved with it. Even Buffy, I knew it was there, but wasn't involved until the sixth season. Someone at a party I'd attended directed me to a web site, which in turn directed me to a fan discussion board. And I think I went nuts, because, whoa, here were like-minded folks who felt the same way I did. And loved what I wrote about it...

I think the interaction is about 90% of the fun.

I probably wouldn't watch if there was no strong male character,

I wonder if that's ingrained in us? (shrugs). I think I require both on some level. Although, I have watched and read and enjoyed female centric novels/tv shows and male centric novels/tv shows.

Also wonder to the degree sexual orientation plays a role? I'm heterosexual, so tend to like to have both male and female in it. May not matter. Depends on why you read/watch something I guess.

Or maybe it just is?

Of the American shows I think only Stargate and Bones lasted more than 6 seasons. And they both definitely deteriorated by the end, but I stuck with them because I like to complete sets of things so I would have felt it wrong to just give up.

The longest running American television series is most likely the Simpsons. Sitcoms run longer than dramas.

NCIS is going on 14 years, I think.

ER ended at about 11

Grey's Anatomy is at 14 or close

MASH was about 11 years, it lasted longer than the Korean War which it satirized.

Star weird, and a little like Doctor Who. It's been around since the 1960s, but keeps being rebooted into various configurations.

Daytime soap operas? General Hospital celebrated it's 53rd anniversary this year. It started at the same time as Doctor Who, with no breaks.

The procedurals/episodic ensemble series often last longer than the serialized series. It's easy to trade out characters, etc. Law and Order went on for about 11 or more years, because of that.

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