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Date: 2017-06-10 12:59 pm (UTC)
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My creativity nearly always springs from a question I want to answer, and the canon and accumulated fanworks of a show pose lots of questions so they stimulate me.

Interesting. I've noticed other people on my reading list do it for similar reasons. I had a discussion once with another poster about meta vs. fanfic on analyzing and exploring issues in a television series and which is most effective.

When I have a question to answer about a show or anything really, I write meta or posts analyzing it. (I wrote 500 pages of meta on Buffy, every character, analyzing the story and characters from every angle imaginable. Tried to do it through fanfic, but it didn't work as well for me, because like you said...after a sort of goes AU, because too restricted.
I wrote one -- in which I wanted to examine forgiveness and coming to terms with a past love, after time has passed. (It's somewhere on my journal, not sure where, entitled "No Regrets").

My creativity comes from I place I can't quite explain. A friend of mine thinks I'm channeling, which, uhm, I'm agnostic or highly skeptical of.

A creative writing prof said I was rather interesting as a writer -- since I was most interested in exploring the difficult motives of people, or the why.

All I can say is the characters start talking to me and I have to get their stories out. I've told myself stories orally since I was 5.
My parents bought me a type-writer so I could start writing them. I used to fill notebooks with them.
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