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Date: 2017-06-11 11:29 pm (UTC)
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Oh it's available.

* Collected Musings of Shadowkat - whether it is my best work or not... was written in 2002-2003.

* Spike Meta that I won an award for, although DW didn't import the media or images

* Angel and Spike Meta on existentialism vs. predestination

* From Willow Rosenberg to the Looney Tunes the healing nature of fictional characters in stories

* The Pitfalls fo Television and Buffy the Vampire Slayer:


Oh and I found my fanfiction, not sure it's that good, few people seemed to read it. But I also didn't have any betas.

* Miss Edith's Revenge -- very dark. Hence the reason people were put off by it. I killed Xander, Dawn, and Giles.

Chapter III and I stopped there due to writer's block

No apparently not, I stopped here.

This is the link to my fanfiction, Miss Edith's Revenge and No Regrets

I clearly wanted to explore the dark emotions in the characters.

How good it is, I don't know. People seemed to prefer my meta to my fanfic, but I don't write romantic fanfic or sex scenes, really. So that may have been part of it? (shrugs)

It was a long time ago, and my writing style has changed a little since then. Also, the Buffy characters no longer speak in my head, no longer obsessed. Sometimes I wonder why I was.

There's more, but you have to hunt for them on your own. The tages are buffy, btvs essay, buffy s8, spike...

Unfortunately the posts I did with links, only link to my lj, which is long gone. I deleted it and can't get it back. And trying to reset up the links will drive me crazy. I'm a good writer, just bad at indexing or organizing information -- it's not how I think. Almost need someone to organize it for me.

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