Date: 2017-06-14 11:42 am (UTC)
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May will be forced to resign.
Having survived the weekend and her Monday meetings with the Cabinet and something called the 1922 Committee (google it if you want to understand) she will now survive for some time. She will most likely stay as PM until we leave the EU (March 2019) then resign and be replaced in a proper leadership election (not the rushed job we had last year).

Labour won.
No, they really didn't. They did well when everyone had expected them to be routed, but they didn't get close to winning. But the ordinary left have been on the back foot for about ten years now, and the hard left (Corbyn's lot) for decades, so I imagine that the gains they have made seem like an absolute triumph to them.

The reason this is confusing from a US here it doesn't really matter if the President won by a narrow margin. (See GW Bush in 2000, and DJ Trump in 2016). But we also can have a Democrat President and a Republican Congress.
Yes, your system is very different in this way. Because our system is parliamentary not presidential the only thing that matters is how many votes a party has in the House of Commons - everything else follows from that. The Conservatives have the most MPs by a considerable margin, and by combining with the DUP when needed they can have a majority. (They also incidentally won the popular vote on a big turn out, so in one sense they have the biggest mandate of any government for ages.) But the Conservatives have suffered a bad blow - governing is going to be much harder and the future less economically secure. But we are where we are and we just have to get on with it. We've been through far worse :)
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