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I love this vignette that you have described, and am eager to see the show for myself because it strikes me as wonderful to have such an idea discussed openly in a mainstream TV show.

But it is just art, it is not personal.

I think, in an odd, way, Daldry is stating that is true of this miniseries as well.

Oh I like that! And how sensitive of them to include such a thought. I am always slightly uncomfortable when the royal family are used in any film or show because of teh awareness that out there are real people who must constantly have to isolate themselves from popular culture to avoid being driven mad by it.

Yes, I thought it was a clever hand-wave to the royal family and the British public. It's also rather subtle. So not sure how many people picked up on it.

I did, because the sequence between the painter and Churchill fascinated me. Two painters, one a landscape artist, the other more abstract and a portraitist - discussing art and what it means. At the end, it mentions two things that are factual: Churchill continued to paint the gold fish pound, unable to get it right. And the portrait that Sutherland painted o him was never found.

While it may have been the artist's interpretation, Churchill did not appreciate it and ensured it didn't end up in the public eye again.

Another...bit, painting landscapes is safer than painting people. Landscapes don't talk back and get upset with how they've been painted. And it's safer writing about dead or fictional characters than the living. Primary Colors and W, both depicted living Presidents.

Yet, when asked about Feud - Bette and Joan, Olivia De Havilland, who is portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, stated that she felt it was a bit irresponsible to portray the dead when they couldn't talk back. (shrugs)

I'm not sure history can ever be entirely accurate through the lense of those interpreting it. Bias will always skew it one way or another. There was and possibly still is for example a bit of a controversy regarding the historical accuracy of the musical adaptation of Hamilton, based on Ron Chernow's biography. Quite a few scholars do not agree with Chernow's depiction of Hamilton or the history rendered. And are irritated with the musical's inaccuracies. While other's view the controversy as largely silly, because they aren't taking the musical that seriously and just see it as fun.

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