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Anyone watch the Tony's this year?

I taped it. So am watching now. Spacey's song and dance opening number was rather weak, but his impersonations of Johnny Carson and Bill Clinton were good.

Highlights, commentary...

* While I'm not interested in seeing the musical Dear Evan Hansen, I adore this song and performance. Found it...very relatable, which also reminded of a poem a college friend wrote and gave to me ages ago.

A theme song for those of us who aren't mainstream, and far from so-called "normal",
who as my niece states...are weird but in a good way.

* I am however interested in Natasha, Pierre, and the Big Comet of 1865, which is adapted from 70 page snippet of War and Peace. It's a combination of musical styles that puts Hamiliton to shame -- rock, pop, folk, ballad, traditional Broadway.

And possibly...Bandstand for the dancing.

* But actually more intrigued by the plays, particularly Oslo - which is part thriller, about what it would be like to sit across the table from your enemy and see them as human being. It won best play.

* Bette Midler has had too much plastic surgery or botox. She can barely move her face and it looks like a weird mask. I really wish people would just let themselves age.
She could barely see, her lids were covering her eyes. They all have impossibly high cheekbones, clearly been face-lifted.

Hello Dolly didn't do much of a performance, because the Producer wanted to to it at the Shubert, film it, and show it on the screen at the Tony's. But the Tony's forbid it, so instead they had David Hyde Pierce sing a song that had been cut from he original (except I'm pretty certain it was in the movie). Was disappointing. If you have Bette Midler, why not show her?

That said? I wouldn't go to see Hello Dolly again just to see Bette Midler. I'm somewhat ambivalent about the musical and Midler. I've seen the musical twice, and recently, and read the original play, and seen the film version of it -- The Matchmaker.
It's not that interesting of a musical.
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